Broughton Dance

The Broughton High School Dance Department strives to be a safe, nurturing and professional environment where any dancer can express their unique ideas through their movement.

Our goal is to create well rounded dance artists through academia, choreography, performance and skill development. The program provides an array of opportunities for all students to discover and express themselves, create powerful bonds and produce thought provoking works.


Demonstrate Integrity through your actions, words and relationships

Always be Accountable to your peers, teachers and self

Bring a positive attitude because the studio is a Negativity Free Zone

Challenge your Creativity through your movement and learning

Expect Excellence of yourself inside and outside of the Dance Studio

Class Offerings

Dance 1 Beginning level of dance that explores dance technique, concepts, improvisation choreography, and performance and exposure of a variety of dance styles.

Dance 2 Level that focuses on intermediate dance technique, improvisation and choreography skills, exposure to guest artists and performance opportunities.

Dance 3 Honors Level that focuses on a proficient understanding of dance technique, improvisation choreography and performance skills. This level creates student choreography for stage.

Dance 4 Honors (Dance Ensemble) an advanced level that focuses on a deep understanding of technique, improvisation, and choreography and take part in school and community performances.

Dance Company (Dance 4 Honors and IB Dance) Serves as the highest level of dance at Broughton High School. This is a pre professional company that focuses on mastery of advanced technique, performance qualities, improvisation, mature choreographic skills and leadership both inside and outside of the studio.

International Baccalaureate Dance SL & HL The course focuses on the composition, performance and analysis of dance, or “expressive movement,” which is practiced amongst people of various backgrounds, and for a variety of purposes, throughout the planet. Students create, participate in, and reflect upon dance forms and styles from a range of cultures and traditions, both familiar and unfamiliar.

Independent Study Dance Honors This course allows intermediate/ advanced juniors or seniors to dig deeper in their technical skills, choreography development, research, teaching and performance.

I dance at Broughton because it doesn’t matter where you come from, what religion you belong to or your sexuality; when you’re in the studio you’re family.

Delaney DuBois, Class of 2021

Extra Curricular Programs

Dance Team an audition based performance group. The team focuses on jazz and hip hop. The dancers meet after school. The company is a 21 member group. This team performs in school events, pep rallies, football games, basketball games, parades, competitions and other community events. This group take part in weekly practice, a summer intensive and many master classes.

CAPS Crew an audition based performance group that focuses on Hip Hop and the many different styles. This team consist of dancers from all levels and backgrounds. It has between 30 and 40 members every year. They perform at both school and community events and study with professional artists.

CAP TAP This new student formed club is meant for dancers that are both interested in tap and those that have mastery in the Tap form. This group studies with local and regional tap artists, participate in the Fusion and Spring Concert, school and community events.

NHSDA NHS for Dance Arts is the national renowned dance honor society. To be recognized with this honor you must achieve 30 points, A in honors dance and a 3.0. To graduate with honors you must receive 100 points. You receive points through choreography, performance, service and leadership.

Master Classes and Artist in Residence Challenge the dancers with different styles of dance and levels. It allows the dancers to improve technique, practice choreography retention, and be exposed to different learning styles. Residencies allow dancers to learn full works from professional artists.

Summer and Winter Dance Intensive A week for dancers to be exposed to different instructors, styles and teachings. The summer intensive is for Company, Dance Company and Dance Team. The Winter Intensive for all dancers dance 1-company and offers at least 25 master classes. Both intensives are free for dancers.

Broughton dance has changed my feelings about school in general. As soon as I enter room 2207, I feel so at home and filled with eager energy to learn by the other dancers. Now that is why I choose to take part in the Broughton dance program.

Sofia Bluestone, Class of 2021

Annual Performances

Collaborative Showcase Broughton High School Fine Arts collaborative show (Fall)

Fusion A collaborative show with the BHS Jazz Band, Daniels and Martin Middle School. Dance 2-Company performs. All student choreography and live music. (November)

In Good Company Pre- Professional benefit performance featuring Company and Ensemble. Student and Professional Artist Choreography. Produced by Dance Company. (December)

Emerging Artist Showcase A performance showcase for Dance 1- Ensemble choreographers and performers. All styles are welcomed. (March)

Spring Dance Concert The whole department concert that includes all dancers, classes, student, guest artist and teacher choreographers. All styles are possible.

Why I Dance at Broughton:

I dance at Broughton because of the opportunity. The opportunity to go to intensives and guest artists that expose us to different forms of dancing and mindsets. The opportunity for everyone to choreograph, that creates an inclusive program. The opportunity to grow as people as we learn life lessons in addition to dance lessons. The opportunity to meet friends for life that make you laugh but hold you accountable. The opportunity to learn and dance with Ms. Graves that is funny and joyful but constantly pushes you to be better. Broughton Dance gives you opportunities to be your best self.

Iyaira A Williams, Class of 2020


Dance Performance Adjudication This adjudication event provides a venue for North Carolina middle and high schools to receive professional feedback on the work their dance programs and dance teams are doing and receive ratings to share with their schools and communities. In addition, dancers can take part in master classes and a college fair.

BHS Dance A Thon is an exciting event in the Broughton community that helps us raise money to fund our program’s efforts to bring in Guest Artist and also allows us to raise awareness for other athletic programs here at Broughton High School.


Schoolwide: Pep Rallies, Football Games, Basketball Games, Queen of Hearts, Magnet Open Houses, Capital Foundation Presentation

Local: Sparkcon (2014, 2015, 2016, 2019), Meredith Day of Dance (2014-Present), Southeast Raleigh Emerging Artist Showcase (2016), WCPSS Retirement Dinner (2017), WCPSS Summer Leadership Conference- performed for 1000 people (2017), WCPSS All Arts Workshop (2017), NC Department of Public Instruction (2018), Church Performance (2019),

Community Engagement: iCreate Camp (2017), Joyner Dance A Thon (2015-Present),

Professional: Black Irish (2017, 2018), Meredith College Faculty Show (2018), Move It Raleigh (2019)

Statewide: North Carolina Dance Festival (2014, 2015), NCASA Dance Ensemble Competition (2015), Dance Performance Adjudication- Superior in Contemporary; Superior in Jazz; Superior in Hip Hop (2016, 2017, 2018)

National: Los Angeles, Universal Studios Hollywood (2016, 2017)

Community Partnerships

Joyner Dance A Thon Broughton dancers help set up, dance with the kids, put on a performance, and clean up. It’s a great way to have fun with younger kids and other dancers, all while supporting Joyner Elementary’s big fundraiser!

Girls Club This partnership allows BHS dancers to be versatile with their skills and it puts a big emphasis on how you show leadership to others. It strengthens your ability to teach and work with kids much younger than you. We love being able to share our love of dance weekly with the Girls Club of Raleigh through free classes.

Broughton Students with Special Needs. "The Broughton Dance program is such an important part of our classroom. Because we regularly integrate our classes throughout the school year through class collaborations and performances, our students have formed authentic friendships that go far beyond the walls of the school building. Dancing gives these exceptional students a way to express themselves to showcase their individual talents and strengths." - Caroline Olson, BHS teacher

A full department Flash Mob performance that benefited Autism awareness in downtown Raleigh.

Other Partnerships: Broughton High School Football Yoga, Daniels Dance Camp, iCreate Camp, Wilburn Elementary

Guest Artists

Hannah Frederick, Maleek Washington, Ariana DeBose, Ashley Lindsay, Lauren and Chris Grant Derek Mitchell, Amy Morgan, Emily Greenwell, Kristin Sudeikis, Ronald West, Courtney Patterson White, Mychal Woodard, Saki, Carisa McMillan Wilson, Casey Noblett, LD Burris, MK Cranford, Cara Mossman, Carol Finley, Areli Perez, Kelsey Riner, Daniel Marchelko, Michelle Pearson, Toya Chinfloo.

I love being at Broughton and teaching a hungry student body. Sponges. Inquisitive. Purposeful. Adaptive. It is always an absolutely full out and sweaty display of executing choreography, furthering the understanding of dynamics and expanding the gradient of quality of movement in each dancer. Beautiful time.

Ronald West, Creative Director - Black Irish

Director of Dance

Ms. Betsy Graves began her teaching career at Broughton High School in January 2013 as the director of Dance. Betsy graduated from Meredith College in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education with a K-12 Licensure. She is the teacher for all levels of dance at Broughton along with the Dance Team Coach and NHS Dance advisor. She served as the 2017-2018 Wake County Teacher of the Year. Ms. Graves believes she was meant to be a teacher and cannot imagine a different career!

At Broughton she also serves as the Fine Arts Department Chair, Queen of Hearts Chair, Powderpuff coordinator, Pantry Co-Coordinator, and the Musical Choreographer. She is a member of the Broughton Leadership Team, Sunshine Committee, Teacher Retention committee and PLT Reset Committee.

Outside of Broughton, she is a member of NCDEO and NDEO and serves on the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access committee for NCDEO. She spends her summers in New York City and Los Angeles studying at studios such as Broadway Dance Center, Alvin Ailey and Edge Performing Center.

2017-2018 Wake County Teacher of Year

2018-2019 Region IV Magnet School Teacher of the Year

2020 Broadway World Best Dance Studio of the Decade in Raleigh

Website bhsdancedepartment.weebly.com

Instagram @capsdance

Twitter @capsdance2207

Facebook Broughton HS dance

Tik ToK @capsdance

BHS dance company is not only an efficient school but an efficient dance company and community. They work with effort and their director holds them accountable for their actions. We need more programs like this. Creating leaders and it followers.

Maleek Washington, Professional Artist

Graduate Accolades

Natalie Rapp '14 - BA in Dance - UNC Greensboro ‘18

Safa Salahaldeen '18 - Meredith Dance Theater; Dance Minor-Meredith College ‘22

Katherine Champion '18 - Meredith Dance Theater and Meredith Jazz and Tap Company; Dance Education Major-Meredith College ‘22

AnnaRae Wood '17 - Carolina Girls Dance Team - University of South Carolina ‘21

Amaya Burnett '19 - BFA Contemporary Dance - University of North Carolina School of the Arts ‘23

Carly Grissom ‘17 - BFA Musical Theater - Shenandoah University ‘21

Emma Stonehouse ‘19 - Performing Arts Scholarship - Drexel University '23

Ellie Ergenzinger '20- BFA in Dance, East Carolina University '24

Evanna Edward '20- Panoramic Dance Project, North Carolina State University

Cassie Wheeler '21- BFA in Dance, University of the Arts '25

Nick Buynitzky '21- BFA in Contemporary Dance, University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Kylie Venticinque '21- BA in Dance, Appalachian State University ' 25

Commercial Dance Intensive Amaya Burnett, Ellie Ergenzinger, Cassie Wheeler, Nick Buynitzky, Audrey Williamson

Governor School Natalie Rapp, Mary Milo Woodley, Nick Buynitzky, Stella Brandon, Riley Campbell

The Broughton Dance Department is where you want your child to be if he or she is into dance! Ms. Graves, the director, is a dedicated educator and masterful dance instructor who is skilled at challenging her students. She genuinely cares about every student in the program and goes the extra mile time after time to help each of them grow as dancers, choreographers, and leaders.

Dr. MaryAnne T. Wheeler, Past Broughton Dance Booster President, Dance Parent, WCPSS Administrator

Class Trips

Each year the honors dance students have the opportunity to travel to a city to take part in professional dance classes, intensives, lectures, and attend live dance performances. Trips allow students to take their studies outside of the studio.

New York City (2014, 2015, 2018) Broadway Dance Center, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, Peridance Capezio Center, STEPS on Broadway

Los Angeles (2016, 2017) Millennium Dance Complex, Edge Performing Arts, Movement Lifestyle

Chicago (2019) Hubbard Street Dance, Gus Giordano Dance School

Norfolk, Virgina (2017, 2019) Regional Dance Festival

Broughton Dance Boosters

Strong support from Broughton families and friends is essential to the success of the Broughton Dance Program!

The Broughton Dance Boosters was created to support the Broughton Dance Department by assisting financially and through volunteering both time and talents.

Broughton Dance Boosters is a 501 c3 organization and all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.


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