Why the industrial revolution happened in Britain Year 9 HASS

Britain's large economy allowed banks and the wealthy to invest into new ideas, opportunities and inventions.

Increase of population In Britain, there was a growing population which meant more demand of products, therefore new ideas had to be thought of so that there was a faster way to make products

Also, Britain had a large trading system so demand was high in other countries and areas in Britain too.

Britain faced no wars during that time meaning that scientists and inventors were free to think and invent without any restrictions

Britain had a large supply of resources including a large iron and coal supply and other resources from Britain's colonies which meant that industries had more and more supply, prompting more use for those products.

Britain was (and still is) a very spread-out area and lots of things had to be transported, therefore, new ideas had to be thought of to help transport goods to other places. (Which they did using canal systems and locomotives.)

Sources: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks3/history/industrial_era/the_industrial_revolution/revision/2/








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