Florida Museum of Natural History What is the good life

I found this part of the museum particularly appealing because of the design of the space. The space was different than most museums in the case that the space wasn't orthogonal. And due to the nature in the exhibit being sea, I think the curves help connect the theme of the room with the space. And due to the lack of natural light in the exhibit, they substituted it with artificial lighting but in a light blue hue. Allowing the person to have a more interesting experience.

This exhibit showed me that the architect wanted to incorporate something along the lines of Leopold's believes. The architect allowed for nature to be apart of the exhibit rather than just some fake leaves. Giving the viewer a more realistic setting and with that it sets itself apart from the other exhibits. This small change allows the viewers a more lively experience with the historical aspect and helping the environment.

I thought that this wing of the museum was a great example of allowing one to step out of one's ordinary life. This interior space was designed with one wall being windows and the other being history. But through the windows is what is interesting, it shows people working. You see people in lab coats working away on things that one wouldn't normally see in their everyday life. And the other side of the room has a wall full of historical African tribe momentous. Which not only gives the viewer a chance to see into another culture but a part of the world that not everyone will be able to see.

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