A wallet needs to be practical. But it also needs to be an extension of your personal sense of style.

The Moondyne is a rugged charactered, full leather wallet designed to keep your cards and cash handy and secure. The incorporated leather lanyard keeps it tethered to your trousers and that's added piece of mind. A perfect wallet for bike riders or anyone who appreciates individuality and character.

  • Genuine Top Grain Leather
  • Six Card Pockets
  • Three Billfolds
  • One Zippered Coin Pocket
  • 45CM Braided Leather Lanyard
  • Contrasting Nylon Thread
  • Single Closing Belt and Snap
Bill Marklew on Jan 16, 2017: "To say that I am more than pleased with my purchase would be an understatement. The quality, the craftsmanship, and the overall final product makes this wallet a really top shelf product. I can see many years wear in this wallet and I am looking forward to all of them."
Decades of red desert dust had leached its way into the pours of the timbers and even the lino floor tiles: history in a crimson stain. It was a geographic tattoo: a mark of provincial authenticity. No longer a scourge. "This old hotel (old by Australian standards anyway) had been serving thirsty men for over 100 years", I thought to myself.
It was quiet today. The few patrons it served: spread out- keeping our own company.
An antique radio behind the bar played a regional AM-band radio station through a mono speaker. It felt like 1970.
Outside, in the distance I heard a recognizable rumble from the highway. Distinctively Harley Davidson. My associates were arriving. Discreetly I touched my gat through the leather of my jacket. Not for any other reason than to assure myself it was there. I sipped the last of my coffee and waited.
Brad Bohan on Oct 27, 2016: "I am an Aussie bloke. A real Aussie bloke. Bought up on a property, got a trade, been with it for 27 years and joined the army reserves as well. I drive a Ford Ranger that is completely redneck...raised and supercharged. I have an MT01 street fighter Yamaha 1700 road bike and love just being Aussie. I love beer and have a few or more every day. This wallet...has all the qualities of what you would expect if you met some old craftsman of leather from outback Oz, knocking up great quality gear...I love it. Its Ned Kelly, Don Bradman, Dougie Walters and Wally Lewis combined, with a touch of Steve Irwin...I love it. It aint Kardashian...its Stillman!"

Shipped from Perth Western Australia for $8 standard shipping to addresses within Australia

Limited numbers available.

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