A Walk to Remember By: Emma Goodwin

It was published on October 1, 1999

In a small town in North Carolina, the story follows Landon Carter who is a popular, irresponsible teen who gets into trouble after a prank had gone wrong. As a punishment, he has to do school related activities opposite of the unpopular pastor's daughter, Jamie Sullivan. After spending time with Jamie and falling in love, Landon learns that Jamie has a terrible secret that will change both of their lives forever.

“I know the Lord has a plan for us all, but sometimes, I just don't understand what the message can be.” ― Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember

The book climaxes when Landon finds out Jamie's big secret and has to make a decision based off of it. The reveal of the secret is torturous to Landon who has fallen in love with Jamie. Even though throughout the book everyone, including Jamie's family, is routing against their relationship, towards the end of the book everyone's minds change after a big event.


The theme of the book is about judging others. Landon judges Jamie for being unpopular and obedient, while Jamie does the same for Landon's popularity and disrespectful. They're both surprised when they get to know each other better, proving that first impressions are often wrong and to never judge someone until you know them personally.

About Nicholas Sparks

  • He has published over 20 books
  • He has made 10 of his books into movies
  • He is a best-selling author and talented screenwriter
  • His novels have themes related to faith, love, and tragedy

Review of the book:

This book was very descriptive and had a lot of surprising plot twists that kept the book interesting at all times. I enjoyed how this book's characters were so well described and you watched them grow throughout to book making you feel almost like you personally knew them. The only thing I didn't like was how some scenes in the books seemed to linger and go on for too long, but otherwise the book was very good overall.

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emma goodwin

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