Good Life Tour of the Harn By: alexander aliabadi

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

This wing of the museum showed more feminist works of art

This artwork stood out to me because after walking through the whole museum, this sculpture stood out the most towards the end. It was front and center to demand attention from the viewers. I found this piece eye appealing because sculptures show the most complex form of artwork. It takes thought and a clear design to make an intricate work for the viewer to understand the piece and its connection to the meaning. The medium is sculpture. This strikes me in a way that makes think of roman and greek mythology. It spoke to me by showing divine right. I see this through the hand being held high to the heavens and the angel wings in the back. This artwork made me feel connected spiritually to the artist because a work that incorporates angels and heaven makes me feel at peace and in awe.

Design of the Museum

Photos of the museum layout.

My favorite exhibit was the Korean exhibit. This was my favorite because it showed an interesting piece of work that had a swastika on it. It was shocking because I forgot that before Hitler, the swastika was a sign of peace in some cultures. I also found the sculpture of buddha. This exhibit also had x-rays as a form of artwork. The lighting was dim and the walls were white. The exhibit was small and a little cluttered, but overall it was my favorite. My father has been to Korea and has told me a lot about their culture, so it was interesting seeing art that represents their culture in the Harn. This exhibit made me feel like an investigator with all the intricate exhibits that required you to take a closer look at the author captioning.

Art and Core Values

Art by Chrecht Durer

When I looked at this photo it reminded me of how my thanksgiving dinner looked like. Family relationships is something I hold highly and a value I treasure. I saw this picture and immediately though of my very own crazy family. It made me miss my family because we only get together in a big group to this extent on holidays. The photo shows many people around a table of all ages. My family is very important. Every decision I make in my life, I think about how it will affect my family and if it is the right decision for them. This work showed me love with the multitudes of people gathering together for a reason. The reason could range from a meal to an event, but the gathering shows that everyone cares for a certain cause. This article allows me to appreciate my family by reminding me of how much love they surround me with. This is shown by the people gathering one main person at the table. I view this person as me when I visit home from college. It really makes me appreciate the love I receive from the most important people in my life.

Art and the Good Life

Piece by Jackie Nickerson

This work reminding me of the fighting module of the good life. This is because in the art description the author wrote that his subjects "Despite poverty and work, exude dignity, pride and perseverance, qualities that emerge from the strong communities that support their lives." The young woman in the photo is fighting for her good life by working and staying positive through it. She is wearing an American band shirt which alludes to the fact that she dreams of an American lifestyle of freedom. This photo really shows how fighting for the good life is sometimes all that keeps a person going. The hope that they will some day achieve the life they wish to lead. She stands strong for the fight with her pride and perseverance to push through the hard times to soon come to good ones. This really represented the good life to me because just like her, everyone is fighting tooth and nail for a shot a their perfect life. Everyone starts somewhere.

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