High court bans segregatoin

People were tired of their children not getting the same education as white children, many parents were fed up with this and wanted their children. In Topeka Kansas Oliver Brown and many other frustrated parents along with support from the NAACP went to court over the segregation in schools.

This Case was later brought the the supreme court and gained publicity throughout the U.S. with many other african americans and younger white people joining the fight for integration

The Supreme Court Judge Earl Warren and his Justices came to the conclusion that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional though this was met with heavy resistance, people would pull their children out of integrated schools and protest them, The president had to send the national guard to protect black students attempting to integrate. The lasting effects of this law are still felt today with public schools being some of the most diverse places.

protests (top) and African American Students being escorted (bottom)

A connection can be drawn from this struggle to people in the LGBTQ community being denied proper bath rooms and are often mistreated in schools. Many african american students where denied proper education, and even then those who chose to integrate didn't feel comfortable in their own schools. people of the LGBTQ community are facing this same challenge today, though they aren't segregated they are often mistreated and aren't given the same rights in their own schools as other kids.


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