DTC #58: Doughy Dharma Love yOur mind, body, & free pizza with @offthemenu





Love Yourself with a private meditation, and maybe acupuncture, session.

Love Your Partner with a glass, or two, of wine at a buzzy local shop.

Love Your Pizza with the #RomanticAF cheesy goodness.

A real local joint Dagwoods never lets a slice sit for more than an hour. Every old slice is replaced and donated to OPCCs Turning Point House. They also partner with Wider Circle to provide experiences with older adults with dementia.
Stop 1

Love Yourself

• 6pm til you’ve discussed your meditation •

Walking up to the quiet office building not 4 blocks from the Santa Monica tourist insanity you second-guess yourself whether this is legit. You’ve been emailing the mysterious meditation leader Linda for a few days and have no idea what's going to happen...

Keys to the Stop

  • Setting up a time to meditate with Linda is as simple as sending her an email to discuss when it will work best. Reach her at: linda@satisangha.org
  • The office is tricky to find. It’s on the second floor closest to the 6th and Arizona intersection.
  • You will be taking your shoes off so be prepared. Linda suggests not wearing any heels. You’ll be walking on this date later so heels are highly discouraged.
  • This brand of meditation is not a formal guiding but more of a do then discuss approach. I suggest being as open as you can with Linda after your session, she has been studying the practice here for over 20 years and knows her stuff.
  • Linda works on a pay as you wish service. If you don’t bring cash no worries. You can pay on PayPal. (We introduced Venmo to her so hopefully she will have that up and running soon)
Stop 2

Love Your Partner

• no later than 7:15pm •

The few blocks walk to Ester’s Wine Bar is full of chatter about your meditation experience but turning the corner into the buzzy wine bar exposes a separate yet beautiful side of Santa Monica...

Keys to the Stop

  • Unfortunately they are first come first serve. You’ll have a a spot at the bar if you’re under 4 people. The only way to make reservations is to be a party of 8 or more.
  • If you want to save a few bucks you can find a bottle in the crates along the fridge and wall. They run between $15-25 with a $25 corkage fee.
  • Happy hour runs 3-6pm Tuesday-Saturday and all night on Monday with $9 wines, $5 beers, discounted charcuterie/cheese plates and dozens of oysters.
Stop 3


• no later than 8:15pm •

The tall palm tress and SoCal vibes shine as a joyous beacon from the pizza gods out of every crevasse of Dagwoods Pizza...

  • The Off the Menu App is an incredible way to experience new food in the city. They aren’t paying me to say this but for $20/month and you could eat something every day for a month. It makes me wish I had this in college, but I'll do with right now. Pizza week runs through Feb 10th but new bites run all year long. USE CODE: CITY (gets you access to the app instantly without the vetting process)
  • The 16 inch pie is good enough for 3-4 people. Throw a salad in there and you’re golden.
  • There are board games to the right of the front door. Grab one to pass the time before you get your pizza.
  • You really can feel the community vibe here with all slices over an hour old are donated to the OPCC Turning Point House down the road. Plus, they partner with Wider Circle to provide experiences for adults with dementia.


Date the City

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