Reflections for Visual Effects For Educators

Week 1

Have taken quite a few Edex courses but video continues to be my nemesis. But I continue to learn each time I take a video course. I watched the tutorial and think it is simple enough for me to duplicate.

Having some problems with the navigation of the new interface but I am sure I will get used to it.

Here it is and after a bit of frustration I am happy with it. I may have messed up the proportions of the hand while getting it to fit but I will do better on the next one. I had to watch the tutorial several times. Especially when it was explained to use the transparency grid which I could not locate until the 3rd time. Also had some problems with rotation, getting the numbers correct. I tried rotating with the edges but it did not work for me. I now have to think of a unique project using my own material. Enjoy even though this looks like every other one.

Week 2 Assignment

Every week I learn but not always fast enough or to the point where I can say I am up to the standards of my many peers. Congrats to all of you. Really good work on facebook. I have progressed. Was frustrated several times. I wanted to do something different and I worked on it but it is still lacking. Here is the basic assignment.

Wondered what happens when you have only one point for the motion.

Week 3

Have to say that the assignment though seemed simple has gotten me frustrated. Got some help from my peers and may post just what I was able to do so far so that I can continue with the course. I just can't seem to get beyond the steps where I substitute the sky. The motion capture does not work yet. So please maybe I will get the steps in a later course. That has happened to me before.

Week 4

Thinking about a fly through in the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs. Used to live there and have some nice photos.

In the meantime, I did a couple of flythrough using the clouds. One has a different background. I may have finally figured out how to use key frames. I have finally learned to wait for my three-year-old computer to catch up to the AE workings.

Redo on the one above. I learned. Now I think I will be able to complete the final project.

Week 5

Finished the Week 5 assignment and it was less trouble than I anticipated. I ended up duplicating the same attack plane but changing colors and paths. I also have come to the realization that movies do not have to be as good as the instructors, nor my fellow students. Now I must get ready for a conference and for the next course in Adobe EdEx


Created with images by rawpixel - "pattern desktop abstract" • Jackson Douglas - "Red Giant" • Hannah James - "Through the eyes of Pikes Peak" • cherylzauthor - "mountain sky landscape" • RevDP - "garden of the gods mountains colorado"

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