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King Scorpion 360 Du-Rags

New Compression Du-Rag Breathable Lite Weight Polyester Mix Material Great For Everyday Use. For Best Performance Wear Before Sleep or After A Fresh Haircut.

New Compression Du-Rags by King Scorpion 360

Panther Black Compression Du-Rag


Premium Quality

Soft Polyester Blend

Platinum Grey Compression Du-Rag


Triple Stitched

Batman Blue Compression Du-Rag


Hand Made and Manufactured in The U.S

Powder Blue Compression Du-Rag


Crushed Red Compression Du-Rag


Steel Grey Compression Du-Rag


Florida Orange Compression Du-Rag


Crushed Velvet Du-Rags

After I complete my brush session, I like to wear my du-rag; But I never did like the line indentation it leaves on my forehead and Wave Pattern. I tried a ton of different du-rags to remedy the problem but with no prevail. Now for a lot of wavers, this may not be a problem especially if you have been waving since the 80's, Murry's & Granny's old stockings, was choice.

It took me a minute to get used to the line it leave's around my forehead, neck and tapper line. Plus when I take the du-rag off in the morning, my head looks like a 🍄 top. My tapper line is shot, all that brushing down the drain.

I was getting tired of brushing my hair and not getting the results that I was looking for. I tried all the tricks but with the same results. Eventually, it would don on me the problem was not the technique. I was doing it right I was just lacking the right tools for the job.

Over time I've learned that there is a lot of useful tricks you can do for Plusher 360 Waves. What you put inside your body is just as important, Vitamins a Healthy Diet is just to name a few. We'll get back to this at a later time.

Choosing the right Du-Rag can become confusing when trying to select the right du-rag that really fit your needs. So I've tried a couple of ones everybody was talking about, my kids beat me to the door. They were the first to try them, and they were excited. I didn't ask them for any input or review, I just observed.

After a while when the excitement was over, came the big question???? Does It Work? Considering the size and texture of our hair. Coarse, thick and requires heavy wax. We typically like to wear our du-rags for the same amount of time we wave up (sporting 360 waves without the du-rag).

My sons are tough on things and eventually will lose interest quickly and before you know it that 20 dollar do-rag is on the side of the sofa. If they like it they do if not oh well. The bottom line is, does the du-rag work can I get 360 waves without the line through the middle of my head?

Nylon worked best for waves, it's only a buck you can find at your local beauty store. It's tight and leaves the line indent and does not cover the tapper area well. However, it does work, great for small heads and kids. And the newer shiny one's was just too flimsy, and the straps were too short for me.

Tired of the search I then designed King Scorpion 360 Fat Lace Custom Crushed Velvet Du-Rag and put it to the test.

My primary focus was the seam & strap. I designed the straps longer and wider when correctly applied covers the tapper line precisely the only problem was the seam. I still saw the line indent in my wave pattern. Until we discovered a better way and covered the seam altogether. Problem Solved no more line, it works great

On the reverse side of our solid color crushed velvet du-rags, we now offer protection from seam lines that are caused by everyday du-rag usage.

Line guard

New King scorpion 360 Velvet Du-Rag with Seam Guard

Fat Lace Design Just Tie And Tuck And You Are Ready To Go.

Exquisite Luxury 100% Custom King Scorpion 360 Crushed Velvet Du-Rag is for Maintaining Deep Wave Pattern, Comes in A Variety of Vibrant, Beautiful Colors. Slick New Shark Tail Urban Design, Easly Adujust Tightness by pulling down. New Line Guard eliminates line in the wave pattern.

Created By
V Knight


V. Knight