I have a dream... That Politics didn't have such a huge impact on this country

Lets face it. Politics are driving this country crazy! There's been riots, turning people against each other, and many have died because of this. If we didn't have huge fights about politics then this country could possibly be a lot happier and less stressful.

The Elephant is the symbol for the Republican party and The Donkey is the symbol for the Democratic party.

In a conversation, how many times has the subject of politics came up and ruined all the good memories you were sharing before? Friends can be torn apart because of their political party, or who our current president is, and who should be president.

Now, please understand that I'm not saying that we should change our goverment to how it was when our country first started, that whoever lost the election became vice-president, that would not be a great compromise for Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton. But this country has become total chaos because of people and their political parties. Something definatly needs to be done, and we need to do it. We all need to work together instead of fighing with each other and arguing. That has gotten us no where in the past and no where now either.

Compromise. That is our solution. Yes, it's not the best, but something needs to be done so that no one gets hurt anymore in riots. Rember when you were young and you fought with a sibling and your parents told you to find a compromise. Thats what we need to do. This maybe the best solution we have right now.

If we keep this up we'll look like a bad country. Like we can't get anything done without fighting and aruing, and that we can't agree on anything! Other countries will be laughing at us while our country is up in flames!

I have a dream thatone day politics won't be such a big problem. But for this to succed we have to get along as a country, both political parties have to understand both sides.

I have a dream that the world will have a compromise about politics.

"If you can't fly, then run. If you can't run then walk. If you can't walk then crawl. But whatever you do, keep moving." -Martin Luther King Jr.

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