Sutton hoo By oliver davies

Yesterday, a massive discovery was made in Suffolk.

The owner of the field where the Anglo Saxon treasure trove was found, is named Edith Pretty and she has lived on the farm for most of her life. On her land was discovered many interesting artefacts, including an 88ft boat made entirely of wood, weapons including an iconic helmet and many pieces of intricate and ornate jewellery.

Edith told us "I was overjoyed to find that my field had been a burial site for a famous warrior. I cannot believe that I have helped to find a long boat the size of 15 men!"

"When I started I was told to dig up the biggest mound, but I had already had a long day so I decided to do the other ones first." says Basil Brown, 29, digging professional who was hired by Mrs Pretty a year ago to excavate her land. "When I eventually got round to digging the biggest mound I was shocked to find many jewels, weapons and a longboat", he continued.

It is rumoured that Mrs Pretty decided to hire Brown to dig her land up when she had a dream in which a ghost told her about the treasure.

Weapons like axes, swords, knives shields and maces were found in a large number.

As well as that, jewels, money and armour littered the grave site.

The rarest thing was a red ruby worth about 34900 shillings. The finds promise to make Edith Pretty rich however she has already released a statement saying that she will donate the treasure to the country via the British Museum in London.

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