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Before Vaccination: 58,000 cases in 1952.

After Vaccination: 45,000+ cases. By 1962 only 910 cases.

Deaths Before: 3,145 people.

Deaths After: None because of Vaccination.

Anatomy/Physiology: Polio is spread from person to person and is caused by Poliovirus. Can invade an infected person's brain and spinal cord.

The Polio Vaccine produces antibodies in the blood to poliovirus. The antibodies prevent the spread of the virus to the central nervous system that causes paralysis.


Polio is a vaccination you want to get because if the virus were to come around again then if you were vaccinated, you would not be infected because of your vaccination. Might as well get a vaccination just in case it comes back rather than catch this virus and be attacked by poliovirus within your body, and possibly die.

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