Arduino Ignited Discharge System By ronald powell

So my group and I to make a few sketches for our design. We had to figure out how to connect the cannon, make the rotation device and something to adjust the angle of the cannon.

From scratch on Day 1 the team’s goal was to come up with a name for our cannon and we are sanding our stabilizers so that they could fit through our cannon. We are also figuring out a design for our cannon. The name that we went with in the end was Arduino Ignited Discharge System aka A.I.D.S.. It took about three months to figure out the name because had to work on a
We had trouble thinking of ways to include the Arduino into our project. I didn't really understand the Arduino though.
We each made our own design for the stabilizer and decided on a single design for the stabilizer model.Then we made a set of holes to test which one is the best fit for the cannon however we ended up making the intervals between each to big so we cut it down to .003 inch increase per hole.We tested different sizes to the third decimal place and we then got exact size it needs to be. then we started sanding the holes so that it fits on the cannon.
We had trouble with connecting our links but we decided to make the stabilizer in one design rather than making three separate pieces to align together.
Then we had to make sure that our boxes fit. After that we felt like our cannon still wasn't stable so we made another one to make it more stable.We ended up turning our cuff into another piece to the box puzzle instead of attaching it by other means.
Then after we were done the stability part I had a tough time to figure out how to make the cannon rotate and elevate.
my group member Taylor Idea of making the rotations for the cannon .
this is how we did the elevation
The one thing that would have made our project better is if we mad e the part that we are clamping down thicker or wider because it would have made the project better by making it more stable.


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