Jessica Jessenia Jessica's Story and how shes trying to overcome poverty

Jessica Jessenia is from Portoviejo, Ecuador. This past April there was an Earthquake that affected many people in that city. Many homes were destroyed and lives lost. Jessica survived and is still following her dream job. She has two children, ages five and thirteen, who need an education. They rely on their mom to afford this. With your help, Jessica can achieve her dream of owning a clothing boutique and afford an education for her two children.

The earthquake that took place in April caused a lot of damage to Portoviejo. The city is still recovering from this damage, and still has a rough road ahead of them.
Many Ecuadorians' homes were destroyed, including Jessica's. The people in Portoviejo are going into poverty because of the costs, they have to pay to fix it.
Many people lost their jobs because their transportation routes and work buildings were destroyed due to the earthquake. Schools were destroyed as well. This means that children won't be able to get an education.

Jessica Jessenia is only asking for a few things to start a boutique for women in Portoviejo. These things are cheap to buy and will be sold for a reasonable price. This will cause Ecuadorian women to have proper clothing and other womanly essentials to make them feel special. There is many tourists in Portoviejo as well, so Jessica's store will always be busy. This isn't Jessica's first rodeo, so she is completely qualified to run a business. She's has had her shop for three years. Due to a recent earthquake in her city, she needs a little help getting back on her feet. With this money Jessica's two children can receive a proper education and live healthy lives.

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