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Note for me: Approaching this assignment: I approached this assignment a little different and did not realize that until the end. I took the same toolbox concept but redesigned it to fit the purpose of building a house. The house represents your life while the tools needed to build the house are symbols of your character. Better tools= better house. Better character= better life.

Throughout my time here in English 102, I feel like I have learned a great number of techniques. These techniques have not only helped me with my success in the class room, but I am confident that these techniques will transfer over to other areas in my life. This course has helped me look at writing, the way someone writes, and general headlines in news in a new way. Below, I will be listing the tools I have acquired or further strengthened while in this course.

Hammer: I have further strengthened the hammer while being in this class. Everyone is born with a hammer, but overtime, some will strengthen their hammers more than others. The hammer helps drive ideas. The more developed a hammer is, the easier time you will have driving your idea and point across. This is relevant to this course because this class is all about taking an idea and having the ability to share your idea with others in a way that they can understand it. This important tool is beyond useful in the class room and can help with your life overall.

Nails: The hammer has a pointless purpose without the good ole nail. (no pun intended). The nail is the idea and point you want to get across with people. To effectively drive your point across, one must have good nails. This tool is important because it helps hold things cohesively in place, helping others understand what you are saying. It is relevant to this class because we have learned how to further expand our ideas so that we can convince people that we are on to something good. This tool is very useful to me, because I have always had ideas and seemed to struggle with presenting my idea effectively.

Windex: Having windows installed in a home is the perfect way for the people inside to look at the beauty that nature has to offer. But that beauty is at a risk of being seen if the window is fogged or dirty. I have acquired the tool of Windex. When an idea is presented, it may still be obscure and unclear. The purpose of this tool is to clean the foggy windows allowing the objects behind distinctly visible. This tool allows people to see exactly what you see; this tool is also useful because it takes the ideas that were once driven by the hammer and cleans them up for better understanding.

Pliers: While in this class, I have been able to acquire a new set of Pliers when it comes to my writing. Before, I felt as if I did not have a firm grasp on my writing. I was scared and unsure of how to start the writing process; this was especially the case when it came to writing research papers. This class has helped change that. Now, I feel as if I have a great understanding in how to begin the writing and am more confident in my pliers. I appreciate writing so much more now that I see the level of work and focus that it takes. This class strengthen my confidence in approaching writing, and also strengthen the way I outline a piece of writing.

Concrete foundation: This tool is more of an element of structure then and actual tool itself, but is as important, if not more important than the rest of the tools. The literal concrete foundation is the foundation of the understanding in this course. While being in this course, I have been able to strengthen my foundation in the class and have gained a much better understanding of what this course actually means. This foundation is useful to me because now I have a better understanding of this course. I now have the ability to apply my other tools with confidence, knowing I am building on a sturdy surface.

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