Amsterdam made by: Nienke van berkel and lisa habraken

Amsterdam is a big city in the Netherlands. The city is located in Noord-Holland (in the North of the Netherlands). It is the biggest city of the country, and also the capital of the Netherlands. There are a lot of sights in Amsterdam. Also there is a lot of tourism. Here some general information about Amsterdam that is nice to know. After the general information, we gonna talk about sights and museums.

History and arise:

Amsterdam is 4600 years ago arise. On the place from Amsterdam was earlier a marsh. Some people take the marsh away. When the hole marsh was take away, some people began to build houses and farms. It became more and more people. It was the beginning of Amsterdam. Now it is a very big city with many inhabitants.


Amsterdam is a big city with a lot of inhabitants. The number is about 800.000 inhabitants, a little bit more maybe. The half of the inhabitants comes out the Netherlands. The other half comes from other countries. The religion in Amsterdam is very different. The most people are Christian, some are Turkish or Moroccan.


Tourism in Amsterdam

When you walk in Amsterdam, it is always very busy in the centrum, because in Amsterdam is a lot of tourism. Many people from other countries around the whole world comes to Amsterdam, for work or other things. That’s one of the reasons why it’s always very busy in Amsterdam, especially in the centrum, because there are a lot of shops and special sights. We talk over the shops and sights later.

Mayor of Amsterdam:

Eberhard van der Laan

The mayor of Amsterdam is Eberhard van der Laan. He is mayor in Amsterdam for six years now. First he was a lawyer. He is married and has five children. On this moment, he is 61 years old.

Amsterdam on TV:

Because Amsterdam is a big city with many inhabitants, it’s often on TV in a news journal or other TV-programs about the Netherlands. In Amsterdam are a lot of festivals and shows. Sometimes this comes on TV. Also there comes celebrities from other countries to Amsterdam, that’s on TV too (later more about celebrities).

Bicycles in Amsterdam:

bicycles in Amsterdam

When you are in Amsterdam, you will see a lot of bicycles everywhere you be. There are almost as much bicycles as inhabitants from Amsterdam! That means, there are almost 800.000 bicycles in Amsterdam! All the places where bicycles can be, they are there.


Amsterdam is a nice city to live, but it is very expensive. Therefore, there lives a lot of famous dutch people. As we speak about famous dutch people, we speak about actors, presentators, writers, singers and more. Also there comes often celebrities from other countries to the Netherlands for a concert or a show. Many peoples comes to the concerts of the singers, it is always very busy there.

This was the main general information about the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. In Amsterdam are also a lot of sights, we gonna talk about that now.


There are a lot of sights in Amsterdam: Museums, Parks, shops and streets.There is something to do for everyone! But First i’m going to have it about the museums.In total there are over 75 museums! the top 3 of the best museums that you have to see:


This is the biggest museum in Amsterdam. In this museum are the Nachtwacht and the Aardappeleters and more. This is the most popular museum in Amsterdam. This museum is really worth the wait.

2. van Gogh museum

Vincent van Gogh

This Museum is about Vincent van Gogh, a famous Dutch painter.In this musuem is the biggest collection of Vincent’s work.This museum do you have to see when you are a art fan! Or a fan of Vincent of course!

3. Anne Frank museum

This museum is about Anne Frank, a girl that lived in the second world war. She had to douse in a house in Amsterdam and in that location is the museum, too. She wrote in a diary that also can be seen in the museum.


And now, let’s talk about the shops in Amsterdam. For dutch people is Amsterdam THE fashion city of the Netherlands. It has 7.948 stores in the whole city. THe most famous shopping district is the Kalverstraat.In that street are all of the designer stores like Louis Vuitton and Dior. In Amsterdam are also a lot of souvenir shops and coffee shops. There are also very much bars and cafés.


Nemo in Amsterdam

Another sight is NEMO. NEMO Amsterdam is a science museum where you can do whatever you want with science. They have everything there.They have 13 exhibitions like the chemistry lab, smart technology and the little world. It is for young and old everybody can come with you.


the I Amsterdam letters

the iamsterdam letters are the letters on the museum square. It is just the letters but is very nice. The letters are 2 meters high.It is the most funny place to go on a photo with.


The Vondelpark a nice place in Amsterdam. It is a big park across Amsterdam west. Here you can just relax and take a break.


Artis is a big zoo in Amsterdam. It is the biggest zoo in the Netherlands and the are a lot of animals. The zoo is there since 1 may 1838. The boss of the zoo is Haig Balain.

Heineken experience

I think you all know the brand heineken. But for the ones who don’t know the brand: it’s a beer brand. It makes beer. This is a museum about heineken beer. So for the beer lovers this is your place to be.

The old church

the old church is also a really nice sight.It is the oldest church in the whole city. The church is at the Oudekerksplein, called by the church that stands there.


If you are in the Netherlands you have to see a canal. The most beautiful canals are in Amsterdam.Specific the grachtengordel. This are the oldest canals in Amsterdam. You have to see them.

This was our site about Amsterdam. But last, a guided tour from Amsterdam. Thanks for reading. Greetings, Nienke and Lisa.



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