The time i fell of my scooter twice By Emily

It was a nice sunny day and i thought to myself i'm going to ride my scooter today so i went into the garage and grabbed my scooter and i went down the driveway onto the sidewalk i went all the way around the block but when i got close back to my house i fell... The scooter got caught in the sidewalk crack and I fell on my knee it really hurt. I remember the pain I was in it really stung it felt like I couldn't walk so I laid there for a little bit and then went quickly inside and told my mom and she was like ' What happened! I said I was riding my scooter and I fell I could hardly talk i was in so much pain so she got a paper towel and said ok go into the bathroom now so we went in there she got some water on a washcloth and hydroperoxide so she cleaned it up and she reached in the cupboard for a huge bandage so she got one and put it on my knee and i went into my room to rest it and in the next few days it got better

It was the Next few months and it was still summer time i was wanting to ride the scooter again because I thought It wouldn't happen again but.... I was wrong so anyway I said to myself I will not fall #3 so I went into the garage and started riding it and I was like this is fun so I rode around the block and it was going alright until i to part of the sidewalk and I fell.... I was in so much pain but yet again I said really not this again and when I fell I hurt my other so now both of my knees have scars on them but also when I hurt them I got up and I went inside to tell my mom and she said ' ok let's go get it cleaned so we went into the bathroom and we did the same thing we did last time my other knee got hurt. and ever since that I haven't rode a scooter until I was older and I knew what I was doing.


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