B.MARIE hails from the great state of South Dakota, describing herself as ‘just a country bumpkin in the big MinneApple.’ 5’3” in stature, with a personality hitting 6’1”. Self-professed reality show addict. In her free time, she has realized that she has no free time.

She is a determined dreamer and has grand aspirations of being an artist when she grows up. As a self-taught mixed media artist with a flare for pop art, she also has a love of graphic design – more specifically, print media.

Spending a significant amount of time with the fridge door open in search of answers, the following conclusions have been reached: Be silly, be honest, be kind, do good + do art.

…..And so the adventure begins…..

Acrylic Mixed Media Pop Art
Hand-painted Canvas
Custom Calendars
Custom Design + Creative Coasters
Logo Design
Graphic Design - Print Media
Album Covers
Created By


Created with an image by Efe Kurnaz - "untitled image"

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