Quality School Development June 2016 Update

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School Performance Framework News

September 2016 is the Public Roll-out of the School Performance Framework.

What's NEW in the 2016-17 SPF...
  • Growth on SBAC English & SBAC Math Assessments
  • Growth on Culture/Climate Surveys
  • Growth on Social-Emotional Survey
  • Added - Attendance Status & Growth
  • Added - Advanced Placement (AP) Test Performance Status & Growth
  • Added - Concurrent Enrollment Status (Growth likely - pending data)
  • Added - On Track to Graduate Status (Growth likely - pending data)

We are also exploring:

  • Similar Schools comparisons
  • Median Growth Percentiles
  • Other college-ready indicators
We have a few changes for 2015-16 SPF

Based on continued feedback & some analysis, we will make the following changes to the 2015-16 SPF:

  • Hold Harmless: In the category of Suspensions, schools will not be penalized for the suspension of 1 student. A Tier level of Green is the lowest Status or Growth tier to be assigned in these instances.
  • Graduation Rate: The SPF will use the same calculation methods used by the State in order to maintain consistency in reporting.
SPF Roll-Out Planning

We are working hard this summer to do the following:

  • Fun video for staff & parents to better understand the SPF
  • Parent-friendly 1-Pagers describing SPF & how to use it
  • SPF Report booklet for EACH SCHOOL with easy-to-follow information
  • Partnerships with Community-Based Organizations to communicate & train parent leaders in using the SPF
  • "Goals Section" of the Site Plan (SPSA) focused on SPF Goals
  • Options Guide to include the SPF
  • Strategic Regional Analysis to include the SPF
Alt Ed. SPF

A project team to include leaders from Bunche, Dewey & Rudsdale is forming to begin a design process to create a School Performance Framework specific to Alt Ed. Continuation High Schools. This will be piloted in 2016-17 and launched in 2017-18.

Newcomer SPF

A project team to include leaders from Oakland International High, Castlemont, Fremont & Bret Harte is forming to begin a design process to create a School Performance Framework specific to Newcomer secondary programs. This will be piloted in 2016-17 and launched in 2017-18.

Charter SPF

A project team has formed through the Equity Pledge process to design a School Performance Framework specific to Charter Schools. The goal is to create a framework consistent across District-run and Charter-run schools. This will be piloted in 2016-17 and launched in 2017-18.

Strategic Regional Analysis News

You can locate the 2015-16 Edition of the Strategic Regional Analysis produced by the Research, Assessment & Data Team (RAD) here.

In 2016-17, we will work with individual schools to take a deeper dive into the pool of information & data within the Strategic Regional Analysis.

Individual School Analysis

Take a look at a few examples:

School Portfolio News

School Design Cohort - Intensive Support Schools

Design Teams from Castlemont, Fremont, Frick, & McClymonds have completed a first year of design. Each school is launching innovation pilots & improvements for 2016-17. The following images represent some of the work of the ISS 2016 School Design Cohort.

School Design Cohort

Design teams participated in a year-long design process. Teams met every two weeks for a day-long design session. They were:

  • Exposed great schools through visits & expert panels.
  • Received site-based coaching & piloted new strategies.
  • Collaborated with one another; other departments & outside organizations to build a strong plan.
Castlemont Design Team

Analyzing Feedback

Design teams analyzed feedback from their original proposals in order to prioritize their work. They determined what changes were innovations vs. improvements.

Summer Feedback Sentence Strips Exersize

Training in Community Outreach

Design team members practiced using One-to-One's as a strategy for building transformative relationships in their communities. Many teams received training in home visits & conducting focus groups.

OCO 1-to-1 Workshop & Training

Design Thinking

Design teams received training in "Design Thinking" in order to think outside the box & create innovative solutions to challenging issues.

Castlemont Model of Innovative Parent Communication


Design teams learned how to use listening strategies as "empathy" to better understand the end users of their new strategies. For example they interviewed parents to design better ways they can be more involved in their child's academic learning.

Design Thinking Workshop Clustering Activity

Linked Learning Pathways

Design Teams received training from experts in the Linked Learning Office around student-centered pathway designs.

Linked Learning Workshop for Design Teams

Planning Time

Planning Time was one of the greatest gifts of the School Design Cohort. Slowing down long enough to reflect & truly plan the implementation of each team's vision is a critical part of the redesign process.

McClymonds Design Team

Community Engagements

Engagement events held by Design teams create a culture of community schools. Events helped to recruit & empower families to become involved in the redesign process.

Frick Impact Academy Engagement

Great School Exposure

Design teams traveled throughout Oakland to see great district-run & charter-run schools. They traveled around California to see great schools; and many traveled to different parts of the country. They often brought students & parents with them.

Fremont Team Staff and Students in Colorado

Community Asset Mapping Projects

Design teams developed community asset mapping projects to better understand how to design solutions that take advantage of resources in the community.

Fremont Design Team Community Mapping Share-Out

Racial Equity

Addressing issues of racial equity & implicit bias was a theme in the design process. Schools must address these issues directly, if we hope to graduate ALL students college, career & community ready.

Big Picture Leadership Conference

Leading for Equity

Design teams attended the National Equity Project's Leading for Equity Institute. This is a multi-day overnight retreat where teams from public schools across California explore issues of race, oppression, & educational equity.

2016 Leading for Equity Institute

Re-Branding Quality

Design teams focused energy on creating a new narrative of achievement & success in their schools. Teams redesigned their websites, led door-to-door campaigns, & starting distributing school "swag" to prospective new students & staff.

Castlemont High New Design T-Shirt

Leadership Matters

In addition to the strong leadership in place at Castlemont High & Frick Impact Academy next year; two schools, McClymonds & Fremont High will benefit from new leaders, selected this spring, who will guide the schools through a second year of design.

Fremont Co-Principals Community Introduction

Preparing to launch

Design team leaders meet monthly with the Superintendent and central office support team leaders, to focus on starting right. Plans are shared, feedback is given, & follow-up on priority issues takes place. In one such meeting, a documentary was being filmed with a focus on Frick's design team leader, Ruby Detie.

Monthly Design Team Leader - Superintendent Meeting

Frick Impact Academy getting ready to Launch. Check-out their Video

Lessons Learned: Intensive Support
  • Provide Coaching Early
  • Maintain Leader Onsite During Process
  • Operations Support Needs to Be Strong
  • Monitor Parent & Community Involvement
  • Decide what is an Innovation vs. an Improvement
  • Create a Single Plan vs. Many Planning Documents
West Oakland Innovation & Feeder Renewal

West Oakland district-run elementary & middle schools participated in a year-long process of preparing for an in-depth redesign in 2016-17. These included Hoover, Lafayette, Martin Luther King Jr., PLACE @ Prescott, and West Oakland Middle School. The goal is to ensure high quality schools are available in West Oakland serving West Oakland residents & feeding into the strong, redesigning McClymonds High School.

West Oakland Activities in 2015-16
  • Fall Principal Retreats & Monthly Communities of Practice
  • Regional Committee established, creating criteria for quality schools
  • Pre-Planning proposals submitted by each school focused on Quality School Pillars
  • Regional Committee & Academic Review Board provide feedback on Pre-Planning
  • Principals, staff & parents visit great schools in Oakland & throughout California
West Oakland Fall Principals Retreat
West Oakland - Big Moves

As part of a process for creating high quality, sustainable programs, Lafayette Elementary & West Oakland Middle School, serving approximately 200 students each, will co-locate at the Lowell campus beginning 2016-17. This will create a TK-8 continuum.

KIPP Bridge 5-8 will relocate to the Lafayette campus beginning 2016-17 where they will serve grades TK-8.

Dual Language & Newcomer Fall Call

This fall the District launched a Call for Dual Language & Newcomer programs. Nine (9) schools submitted letters of interest. Following months of exploration, including conferences, workshops, & school visits; six (6) schools submitted proposals. Every team worked incredibly hard & in 2016-17 each will receive either targeted support ($funding investments + resources & assistance) or full design support ($funding + resources & coaching).

Dual Language & Newcomer Call Workshop

Schools selected for Full Design in 2016-17

  • Melrose Leadership Academy K-8: Dual Language (middle grades)
  • Greenleaf Elementary K-8: Dual Language
  • Garfield Elementary: Newcomer Program
  • Multi-Lingual Middle School: (new program in 2017-18 - pending opening conditions)
Dual Language & Newcomer Call Workshop
Additional Language Program Updates

A new pilot 9th grade Newcomer program will begin at Bret Harte Middle School in fall 2016-17 as part of an innovative response to the incredible growth in newcomer students to Oakland.

Castlemont High School began a large Newcomer program this year and will continue to grow in 2016-17.

Middle School Innovations

This fall the District launched a Call for Middle School Innovations. Montera Middle School responded to the Call. Through the leadership of the principal, Darren Avent, and their leadership team, the school began exploration of an International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Montera has submitted a full application to further their exploration in 2016-17 in order to evaluate readiness for the IB model.

Facilities Use & Prop 39

Annually, the District reviews facility use and responds to Prop 39 Charter School Facilities Requests. A sincere thank you to all of the school leaders and their communities who have collaborated on this annual effort to ensure public school access to facilities.

Facilities Updates for 2015-16
  • East Bay Innovation Academy (6-12) will begin a short-term co-location at Roosevelt Middle School by its new 9th grade program
  • Downtown Charter Academy will begin relationship-building at Westlake Middle School in preparation for short-term co-location beginning 2017-18
  • American Indian Public Charter High will remain at Lakeview campus for one year and then relocate in 2017-18 for long-term co-location at the King Estates campus w/ Rudsdale High, Sojourner Truth Independent Study, & BayTech Academy
Strategic Facilities Use

In fall 2016-17, the District will continue working with ALL schools to manage an up-to-date database of facility use. This will help inform critical decision-making annually in the areas of Language & Newcomer Programs, Programs for Exceptional Children (SPED), and Charter Schools; as well as strategic decisions that ensure high quality, sustainable programs across Oakland.

Continuous School Improvement News

Site Planning Process

Major improvements this year were made in creating a Site Plan Document aligned to the LCAP, Root Cause Analysis, and the School Performance Framework. The High School Site Plan was completely redesigned to align to Measure N.

Challenges: The budget loading process into the Site Plan tool remained a major challenge this year. Solutions: A team of central leaders over the summer will collaborate with representative school leaders to design solutions.

Goals and Targets

In August 2016 the District will be releasing 2016-17 Targets for all key performance indicators. These will be based on the School Performance Framework and the District's 2020 Goals. Each school will receive "Fair Share" Targets, based on where current performance is relative to the District targets. These will be used at various points during the year and annually to monitor progress towards District-level and School-level goals.

Data-Driven Cycles of Inquiry

School leaders and Instructional Leadership Teams (ILT's) will receive increased training and tools in data-driven cycles of inquiry. This includes how to do Root Cause Analysis; how to identify Effective Practices; & how to create Progress Monitoring plans.

Principal Advisory: we are recruiting principals committed to continuous improvement who are interested in being part of a stipended Summer Advisory to help update the Continuous Improvement Guide (CIG), the Site Plan tool and Goal Setting tools. An additional invitation is forthcoming. Be on the lookout.

For any questions, comments or feedback; please contact David Montes de Oca at david.montes@ousd.org.
Go Warriors!

Continuous School Improvement Office

1000 Broadway, Suite 639, Oakland CA 94602

P:510.879.1726 : F:510.482.6774

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