Public Art in the Louvre Miss Torres


The Louvre is a famous museum located in Paris, France. Within its' walls are some of the most prized possessions of the artworld. History remains preserved as people from all over the world enjoy the art among the walls. Those who are fortunate enough to travel to this world famous location are art lovers and appreciators of our grand visual history.

In my design I hope to portray the modern influence of art while holding true to the root of art history.

ExploRation & Inspiration

Public Art displayed before at the Louve blends the modern into the traditional. This artwork shows the impact of how modernism has affected our view of traditionalism.

Sketches & process

Sketch #1
Sketch #2

Final Design

Materials Budget

Plaque Design (Extra Credit)

I designed this work to show....

Paulina Medina is my best student

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