Good Life Performance leylany Rodriguez

The Social Experience

I attended the play with my roommates and friends. Watching the play with people with such distinct, different personalities, you were able to see how they interpreted the message of the play and how their opinions differed. Shared experiences in the Good Life allow you to view things from a holistic point of view, since everyone sees the world differently.

The Spatial Experience

Upon walking in, this picture is the first thing we see. The entire auditorium is dark except for the dim lights of the set. Seeing the set lit up made me excited to see to the actors on stage. The audience was quietly whispering in anticipation for the show to start. Our seats were to the right of the stage, giving us the perfect view of the whole stage. As soon as the lights went off and the whole room grew quiet, I was eager for the actors to enter the stage. The small auditorium made it easy to immerse ourselves in the story that was being told on stage. Place is a big part of the Good Life. Every place holds different kinds of experience, good and bad, that determines how you perceive that place.

Emotional Experience

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt allows for katharsis due to the content of the play. In the second half of the play, it is revealed that the priest Talbot had beaten unconscious, has been raping and molesting boys for decades. Many people were aware of the situation but were afraid to speak up. It took the bravery of Michaud, who was encouraged by Sarah Bernhardt, to forgo his path as a seminarian and reveal the truth. The play's message is that you have to stand up for what you know is right, despite what those around you may think.

Cultural/Intellectual Experience

The central message from the play was that people were willing to cover up horrific events in order to continue making a living. In the case of Talbot and Brother Casgrain, they were both sexually assaulted but never spoke out. Before attending the performance, I knew that a lot of cases of this nature have been brought to light and that the churches tried to cover them up. One of the questions asked during the talk back was " How does art and theatre influence how society views problems?" Art and theatre is used to bring awareness to subjects that are normally considered taboo to discuss. In doing so, art and theatre brings to light events that are normally ignored. In the instance of the play, it portrayed the internal struggle that the victims face when it comes to speaking of what happened to them or working with the church to cover the scandal.

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