Echoes from Spiritlands Notes from australia, Jan 2017

Australia, by air. In the middle of somewhere.

High Art. Low Art. Art.

Following strolling through the free exhibit at the NGV, at Federation Square, of Murcutt's recently completed Islamic Centre:

I like the idea of making small exhibits of ongoing or recently completed buildings, open to the public. Gives an opportunity to weave the project, its intentions, and it's making into the imagination of a larger community, beyond the user, in the present.

Living Room.

(Watching Federer).

From the creation stories across Australia.

"Bunjil sent the ancestor spirits to create

the world,

he sung the Country.

They made the mountains and valleys,

he sung the people.

They made all the creeks and the rivers,

he sung all the creatures.

He sung the law

How to be in the Country

How to care for the family and children

To remember our ancestors and old people.

If his laws are broken, he destroys.

The ancestor spirits finished their work

and set up their camps in the sky

- they are the stars

We dance, we sing

To remember

To respect

To uphold

We become.

We are."

My digs in Melbourne, via Air BnB. I kind of feel right at home. In an adjacent universe.



There is a sense of Southern Europe or Southern California here in Canberra, in the colors and expanse of the land, with a wonderfully subtle scent of Eucalyptus in the air.

An unexpected release...

Canberra High Court: Liquid Stone.

The National Portrait Museum, Canberra

Moving skywards, away from the land: Situating Murcutt within the contemporary architectural landscape.

Ngalyod, the rainbow serpent swallowing a woman.

Peter Marralwanga, 1980. Natural earth pigments on eucalyptus bark.

Outside the National Museum
The National Museum
En route to the National Museum

Echoes from Spiritlands.

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Shubhra Raje

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