Who I Am & What I Want To Be By, Jackelyn Rosales

as a child I was always interested in working with people and helping them or with animals. I want a job that involves one of these interests or maybe both that will pay be enough money to maintain myself and the things i need.
some skills i have that may help me in some of the careers I am interested in would be; Working with others, Communicating, learning and helping others.
some traits that i have the will allow me to be positive and happy about my jobs would be being: happy, having a good sense of humor, listening to people and being friendly towards others.
the type of environments i would be interested in working in would be in a city or just a local town around people or stay where i am now in mamaroneck.
Getting paid an amount that will be enough to maintain everything like bills, food, etc is something i'm interested in having especially if i plan on leaving home and finding a new place to move into.
some responsibilities that are required for me to have is I would have to work hard in that job and cooperate with other workers and to focus a lot on what I am doing.
I want to be involved in working with animals or people when I’m older because these are two things I am interested in doing and something I enjoy doing. I want to gain a good amount of money that will let me maintain myself and pay for my bills. I would like to also be introduced to fields that have these two interests I am interested in.


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