DTC #41: Summer Ting A voyage INTO THE DEPTH OF los angeles tiki lore





Soak up the sun while taking in a vintage tiki cocktail on this Noho patio.

Next venture north to a Polynesian oasis for Hawaiian treats, sushi eats and naughty feats.

Arrive at your final destination: The oldest tiki lounge in Los Angeles.

Battling the test of time the Tonga Hut is indeed the oldest Tiki bar in Los Angeles opening its doors in 1958.
Stop 1

vintage cocktails on A noho patio

• 7:15pm to 8:15pm •

The dwindling sun illuminates the patio of Tiki No as much as the front door blocks out its rays in an obvious attempt to set the stage for your flaming scorpion bowl. The bartender greets you like a regular then explains the cocktail list: a journey through the worlds most iconic tiki drinks and their birthplaces. Securing your poison, add a few songs to the jukebox and venture outside to soak in the remainder of the Pacific sun before it disappears. This is when the Big Kahuna will be waiting for you.

Stop 2

a tiki oasis full of Hawaiian hospitality

• 8:30pm until you've finished the pupu platter •

Passing through the cavernous entrance of Kahuna Tiki you instantly transform into a suburbanite from the 1960s looking for a thrill. Bikini wearing waitresses escort you to your table past tiki torches and the idol-laden patio under the stars. A reservation at 8:30pm sets you up perfectly with a live show several nights a week.

More importantly the pupu platters, sushi and Hawaiian delicacies are beautifully paired with the attitude and graciousness of the people working there. Your exit feels more like leaving a family BBQ as you leave the oasis for your ride. Next stop is 12 ounces of pure history.

Stop 3


• 9pm to when you've finished 2 Mai Tais •

A massive Tiki idol pleasantly greets your group as you pass into the historic Tonga Hut. Float past a wooden map of the islands and scan the nude paintings under thatched roofs while polite cocktailers donning Hawaiian shirts line up in a well-mannered line to order drinks. The 15 steps from door to bar is a historic route that has been taken by respected locals returned from war in the 60s to downright uncivil patrons in the 80s. Much like the surrounding neighborhood this bar's got grit. Enough to outlast some of the Tiki greats like Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic’s. Recently revitalized and better than ever that first sip of your drink is pure history. Reminding you that Mai Tai is Polynesian for “very good”.

Bonus: If the good times need to keep on rolling jet on down the street to the Star Garden for the most cordial dancers and extensive beer list in the city.


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