Remedial 4th A01173766 - JAvier patricio Zepeda Monroy

One of the funniest activities of the class was to put our voice in the dialogue balloons of a comic. This challenged us to write a story but it was in the context of the imager. We did it.
We saw two movies in the semester, the first was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The story is a man who undergoes a therapy to erase from his memory his ex-girlfriend, who also did it before. In the middle of therapy he realizes that he still loves her and that he can never forget her.
The second movie we saw was Following, the first film by Christopher Nolan. It was challenging to watch this movie because besides the teacher did not allow us to put the subtitles in English, the movie played a lot with the mind. The story was about a writer who followed people to be inspired but one day one of those people discovers him and invites him to come and steal the houses. In the end the writer realizes that all the time they were manipulating it, just as Nolan did with our mind.

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