Creating Digital Flowers My Journey Into Creating Colorful Flowers in Illustrator

The idea started with wanting to get better at using Illustrator so I decided to take some exotic flowers and recreate them in Illustrator. You can see the most beautiful colors and shapes in the following images. I used the original image and traced over it with the Pen Tool, Paintbrush tool, and the Color Picker tool to create most of the flowers.

Hibiscus. Pen tool and Color Picker.

The hibiscus above started from a simple image of a hibiscus then I traced it in Illustrator with the Pen tool. Hibiscus has to be one of my favorite flowers due to its pink color and unique center form. I used the Paintbrush tool to brush over the stamen sticking up from the flower. Then proceeded to use the Color picker to pick out the colors already present in the image. And really it looks better then me trying to come up with a color scheme.

Cat Paw (originally from another digital image project). Pen tool and Paintbrush tool.

What does the above image of a cat paw have to do with creating digital flowers?

Because the image above was still inspired by my learning Illustrator and color schemes. I used almost the same concept of bright color schemes in the paw image that I used in flowers.

Hibiscus and pattern. Pen tool and Eraser.

Once again, the above image was inspired by my interesting in colors and learning Illustrator. I outlined the original flower and then used the Color Picker. Then I used a mandala brush on the sky and erased the surrounding background.

Passionflower. Pen tool and Swatches.

The passionflower was created by outlining the very unique ovary and stamens of the inner flower with the Pen tool. I used the Color Picker to turn the lines yellow, green, and purple then using the Brush I gave it an oval shape to hopefully resemble a real flower. Aiming for organic shapes is always a plus even if your actually making an illustration. Seriously, I love the twirling and curving forms created by all the individual lines.

Made in Adobe Illustrator.

I don't know what type of flower this is and the more flowers I do in Illustrator the less I know their variety. I'm not an exotic flower expert. The above flower was made in Illustrator using the Pen tool to outline the ragged edges and overlapping petals. The lack of a defined stamen endpoint allowed me to create a line pattern where the flower opening is supposed to be. Its a cool affect and could be used in creating many more patterns. The petals color was created by the Colorpicker tool and then turning the opacity down to 80. Then I placed medium opaque, white circles over each petal to create a light/shadow affect.

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Kelli Cantrell


by Kelli Cantrell

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