A More Simple Time By dalton

In the year 2071 the human race has done the unthinkable. We mastered spaceflight and now have 2 planets we call home, that was in 2023. We cured every disease in the world, that was only in 2029. Yet one man wants to do something that was ruled as illegal in 2054, something that could ruin all that was done in prior years...

In 2071, we meet Ethan. Ethan is an old hermit who lived through World War III (2018-2021) , in which America was able to conquer the whole world and turn it into a prosperous democracy. Ethan, however, hated this new world and the technology in it. Ethan had one son, his other was killed in the war, Ethan hated this young boy because he used technology for everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING! He used it to get out of bed, shave his 25 year old face, and even to put on his clothes. One day Ethan decided enough was enough and contacted his son to make him something with the technology he used. Something that allowed the U.S.A to win the war, A Time And Relative Dimension In Space machine. Otherwise known as a time machine, this machine would allow Ethan and his son to go back to the good old days in the 2010's when America was prospering and war was imminent.

When Ethan and his son stepped into the machine and typed in the date... Ethan's son, Wyatt, was named in honor of the friend he lost in the war. When Wyatt woke up he realized his worst dreams had come true... His machine worked, but for only one person. When he looked back at the wreckage he saw his father's skeleton with his hands up and all his fingers broke off. Wyatt quickly hid the body and the machine and went to town.

Once he reached town he saw a big tower and an old white house. He decided to walk around town and see if there was any work. After 5 days of not finding a job and becoming homeless and laughed at he climbed the tower. When he reached the top he decided that enough was enough. He gave the world two birds and jumped off. He then woke up from his dream and ran into his fathers room. After discovering his father dead he called the police but nobody answered. He ran to the door and tried to open it up. When he tried to open up the door he saw that on the table behind him was a gun and a note saying "For you my failure", Signed Ethan.

Created By
Dalton Freudenburg


Created with images by lyssamahrie - "clouds white sky" • Hans - "starry sky star galaxies"

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