Student Newsletter November 2018 (last one)

What's Been Happening?!

Swim Muster

Graduation Dinner for Year 6s and 10s

Good evening Staff, Families, Friends and Fellow Students,

For those of you who don’t know my name is Savannah Blacket. I had the honour to be senior school captain with a really good friend of mine Renae Hubbard.

Tonight, is very special because we have not just the year 6s graduating, but also the year 10s.

To our year 6 peers, some of you will be going to another school while some of you will be continuing with Western Alliance. We wish you all the very best no matter where you go. You will be small fish in a big pond, and the sharks are the seniors. But soon you will be big fish in a small pond, time goes so quickly.

To the big fish in small ponds (the Year 10s), you’ve graduated. Congratulations! Some of us will continue on to Year 11 and 12 while others are heading out to work. No matter where you are going we wish you the very best for next year. Thank you for being in our class for this year and over the past years.

Before I hand over to Renae I have a story to share with you:

This year my favourite session was one which Mr Morris hosted, where we had some men from the NAVY come, and were able to ask them questions. Mr Morris and anyone who was there may know where I am going with this. I asked these men ‘What happens when someone farts in a submarine?’. It took them a minute or two to come to from laughing, but they answered with ‘Well, that’s where we learn tolerance.’ This shows how we have fun at school and not always the day to day grind.

Renae . . .

This year I have had the privilege of being one of the senior captains with my good friend Savannah Blacket. Even though we don’t see each other every day, I have made lifelong friends and have had awesome teachers who have put up with my blonde moments – when I just can’t figure something out. Some of the best memories I have are from Multischool, camps and Kick Start. Colour run was also lots of fun and I think the teachers enjoyed it too – especially getting back at those students who didn’t do their homework.

Most Thursdays for the last three years my Mum has driven me into town for music at school with Mr Kwan. We would always have a laugh, especially when Mrs Cook and my mother were causing havoc in the foyer with their laughter.

Year 10s, we have made it through the year and it is hard to believe that it our time with CSDE is nearly over. I would like to say that Distance Education has shaped us into the people we are today. Thanks to our families for their support and all our teachers and of course each other. WE are so grateful for all that the school has done for us and for opening up new opportunities that many of us had never thought of.

It is sad to say farewell to our fellow classmates and teachers, but we wish you all the best as you enter Year 11 or the workforce. I, for one, will miss the school and everyone in it.

Good luck, farewell and best wishes for 2019.

Speech & Awards

On the last day of October (aka. the spookiest day of the year), the chill clubbers played a very fun/interesting game.

Basically in your breakout room you had to write a sentence for example: "I'm Dirty Harry". Then you would switch rooms with another person, then that person would draw a picture and cover over your sentence (you do the same in that person's room). After that you switch rooms again, and someone writes what they think the picture looks like. And then you cover over the picture so when you switch rooms for the fourth time the person has to draw a picture of what the sentence says. Confusing enough?!

As you can see the sentences and pictures changed drastically.

Western Alliance Music Video


Kain's Santa Clause (Year 4)
Year 5’s investigating the question “What is the best course for your cause?” during their guided inquiry. They worked in groups to design and explain a race track and here were some finished products.
Year 5’s investigating the question “What is the best course for your cause?” during their guided inquiry. They worked in groups to design and explain a race track and here were some finished products.
Eve T, Year 5
Eve T, Year 5
Jessica D, Year 6
Ellie H, Pheebe U, Lillie B (Year 6)
Harry S, Hugo T, Rohan P (Year 6)
Zoey H, Year 5
Emma-Lee M, Year 5
Eve T, Year 5
Katelyn W, Year 5
Nathan P, Year 5
Harry S, Hugo T, Rohan P, Pheebe U (year 6)
Jessica D (Year 6)
Ellie H (Year 6)

Bring On 2019

Finishing year 6 is scary. The last 7 years have gone by so quickly. I have made lots of great friends at Charleville SDE. Some have already left but I am still friends with them, like Josh. I have been friends with Lillie and Harry since prep and we still have fun together. Pheebe has only been here a for year 6 but we are friends too. I am friends with boys from the Roma cluster even though we don’t see eachother as much. I have had some great teachers like Ms Simmons and Miss Cooper.

I remember at my first school camp at Garapine in year 5, I was on the second story in our dorm. My friend was swinging his bag around (I’m not sure why) and he accidentally let go of it and it flew out the open window and down to the ground. It was so funny.

Good luck for next year everybody! I hope to see you around.

- Rohan Pampling

Renae's Leaving Speech

My name is Renae Hubbard and I have been fortunate to be one of the senior school captains with my good friend Savannah during 2018.

I completed year 1 with distance ed and then returned in year 8 to complete my high school year with WA. I have had so many awesome teachers that have taught me over these years and I can’t thank them enough.

Sports muster was one of my favourite times of the year. Meeting up with friends was always the highlight. Usually I would enter lot of arts and crafts because I am not the most athletic type. So, imagine my surprise when I broke the record for triple jump this year (of course it was the first time they had run that event). Then I went off to districts! Thanks Mr Morris for the training sessions. It was such a great experience.

Next year I will be heading off to Chinchilla to complete year 11 and 12.

Thanks again to all the teachers, friends and parents that make up the school community. I will miss you all and thank you for a great year.

Now I will hand it back to Savannah to finish off our speech…

Savannah Leaving Speech

Welcome invited guests, students, staff, parents and home tutors.

11 years ago, I was a little preppy with chubby cheeks and my, now cringey, headbands.

The senior girls used to pinch my cheeks because they thought I was cute. I couldn’t wait till I was older (and taller).

I never imagined myself 11 years from then standing up here delivering my leaving speech and saying farewell to CSDE.

Campbell West has also been doing Prep with me for those 11 years. We have both grown so much. Especially in height! It has been a pleasure to spend 11 years with you Campbell, thank you.

It has been a long journey from Prep to Year 10. I have been very fortunate to have many amazing teachers and classmates throughout my journey. My very first teacher was Miss Jenny Fisher, she taught me how to make fairy bread and spaghetti on toast. I still sometimes eat fairy bread for breakfast.

Over some of my years in primary school and high school I was very lucky (in some ways) to have my Mum as my teacher. There were many arguments, but also many good times. Mum usually says mothers are always right. But I still don’t agree with that Mum. There is only so much mothers can be right about!

And that first and last time I had Dad in the schoolroom. Let’s just say when he was my age he couldn’t wait to leave. I think that gives you all an idea of why that was his first and last time. Dad rarely came to any of our school events. He works a lot so it makes it really hard, I don’t think he’s the only one either.

I think the worst times during primary school were when we would have to pull out those MABs and coloured bears and count them. Do you even still use those? I never liked Maths… Mum even made a video about how much I didn’t like it for my teacher at the time. It was only until I was in High School that I started liking Maths.

I remember when our pody goat Rima ate the phone and internet cords. We had no internet or phone for at least a week. And when I would explain to my teachers, they found it rather funny. Of course, not at the time for us. Rima still lurks around the house and shed, and eats whatever looks edible. There are miniature versions of her now.

The days in the schoolroom where everything would get so hectic was the time where we would get up YouTube and play just dance or watch something hilarious. Or other days I would blast Disney soundtracks or K-Pop. That’s when Jayden would lose the plot and tell me to turn it off. Then just to annoy our govies it would be heavy metal!

Over my years at Charleville Distance Ed I have learnt a lot. No, I don’t mean just schoolwork. I have learnt to have patience (except for when the computer freezes), to always do my best and do everything to the best of my abilities. Recently, I just learnt that they now use a food circle. It was a triangle when I learn about the food groups. Just goes to show you do learn something everyday.

To my Year 10 class this year. We have done it, all those exams, assessments, send-ins and weird Science experiments. I wish you all the very best. Some of you are going straight into the workforce, some of you are continuing to 11 and 12 like me and maybe some of you just want to stay home and work out what you’re doing with your life.

To my teachers I have had over the years. Thank you! The only reason that I am able to say I have graduated is because of you. Without teachers there would be no school.

Mrs O, you have been with us for 11 years. You are simply amazing. Every lesson that you do is so much fun.

Miss Nolan, your Ag lessons were my favourite, but not those times when we would come to class not knowing our glossary.

Mr Morris, those Science and History lessons were always awesome. Except for the naughts and crosses, and connect four games. I would usually lose…

Miss Moore, your excitement for Math exams and home work was… refreshing. You always just could imagine my excitement over it too.

Mr Paine, ありがとうございます。Your Japanese lessons on the scheduled days were like a break from my normal classes. I hope to continue learning Japanese next year and for many years to come.

Ms Juniper, my love for books is because of you. I will miss receiving your recommended books.

Mr Wicks and Ms Machray, Chill Club is a relatively new club, it is so worth going to. The name says it all. I think you should have the pass it on game as tradition.

Mrs Swadling and Ms Norquay, thank you for being my principal and deputy principal. It has been a pleasure.

Mrs Anderssen, thank you for giving Renae and I the opportunity to be senior school captains.

Next year I will be going to Scots PGC in Warwick for my last two years of school. I hope to study and get a job after that. And live happily ever after. Only joking, unfortunately life isn’t like Disney movies. I’m sure a lot of us wish it was at times. But not Frozen, because then we would have to sing Let It Go a lot.

Thank you for listening, enjoy the rest of your day

Thank you to those of you who have read the Student Newsletter throughout the year. Hopefully it will continue on for next year.

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