Photography 1 By Brody McKee


The photograph above shows the photography technique macro and has a very detailed, and neat perspective. The photo is up close to the leaf to where you can see the veins of it, and the raindrops. It shows about every little detail of the leave with the jagged edges and the stem that runs through the middle. I really liked this photo because of hows you can see the insect on it that i didn't even notice before i took it.

Rule of Thirds

The picture I took above shows the rule of thirds guideline and has a great view. The main focal point of the photo that grabs attention is the surface rust on the T-post and is one one-third of the way across the canvas. The fence post takes up two-thirds of the picture with a very rustic look. The fence clip that keeps the fence attached to the post is the secondary focal point and is what catches the eye after the rust on the post. This photo is one of my favorites because no limbs or anything can distract you from the main focal points and it has a very pretty setting of the countryside. The fence post has a very good contrast between the rust and the paint left on it from years of aging and weather. This picture contains good quality and a good setting.

Leading Lines

The photo shown above shows the leading lines techniques and has a interesting perspective. The focal point of the photo is the tree line that the painted line leads to. The yardline for the practice football field is like a road to the tree line and makes a good leading line to follow with the eye. I really like this photo because its a cool view and makes the grass look big. This photo has a very unique perspective with a technique that makes it look great.


I like this photo because of the shadow of the squirrel and tone of it. The contrast of the lighting from the sun and the shadow is really good. I really like this photo because of how hard it is to get a photo of a squirrel up close.


In this photo of Cadee I used the cloning tool to get rid of the bench that was seen to the left before edited. I made the area the bench was grassy and matched the shadows with the ones followed from Cadee. I zoomed in too four hundred percent and cloned the grass from each area and covered the area of where the bench as.

Still Life

In this photo I used the cloning tool to edit the background of the battleground that was held between the cowboys and the My Littlest Pet Shop toy figures. I used the clone to tool to take out the buildings in the background and to take out part of the sky. I took my camera and put it up close to the figures to have a main vantage point. I just cloned a small part of grass and covered up everything that was in the background to make it look like a big battlefield.

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