Creating a Dynamic Presentation With Adobe Spark By LaDale L Whaley, M.S.

Welcome to the Training Session!

Welcome to the sample project site for the Creating a Digital Story with Adobe Spark Page course. The site was designed as an example and learning aid to assist, inspire, and and guide you through the process of creating your own digital story with Adobe Spark page. As you progress through the course, you will see see the examples from the course here on this page.

As you begin, I challenge you to think outside the box to create your visually pleasing, engaging, dynamic Digital Story created with Adobe Spark Page. Best of luck!

Step 1 | Getting Started

Adobe Spark Account

For this project, the free account will work. However, if you are an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, or desire to purchase a subscription you will be able to take advantage of branding and personalization benefits as a subscriber. In addition to the Adobe ID and Spark account, you will also need to have an idea, information, images, and media you would like to include in your story.

Step 2 | Planning Your Story

What is a Digital Story?

A digital story is an expressive medium used to inform, educate, inspire, and communicate information to an audience. It may include photography, graphic images, text, quotes, videos, animations, sound music, and narrative videos.

Digital stories have become popular in online education, as educators explore methods to increase student engagement. Not only is a digital stories a great engagement tool for education, but also for business, organizations, and personal communications.

A digital story can be a lecture, newsletter, portfolio, blog, journal, presentation, or a website. As we continue through this course, I challenge you to think outside the box and explore ideas on how you can use Adobe Spark Page to create your digital story.

Create an Outline

Take a moment to decide what type of digital story you will create, and write down an outline or ideas to help guide your design process. Creating an outline is a key part of this process. Whether it is an extremely detailed script, or a simple bulleted outline, it will help you build a structure for your story. Keep in mind that this story is a visual representation of your thoughts, ideas, and information. Therefore, you want to make sure that you use more visual imagery and less text as possible.

Gather Material

Once you have create a rough outline, you will need to gather your material. If you do not have images to add to your story, Adobe Spark provides access to free images, that can be used to enhance your page. You can also add content later, if you are not sure what you you want to add, or have to wait to access the material.

Step 3 | Creating a Foundation

Creating Your Page...

  1. Going to the Adobe Spark website
  2. Log in using your Adobe ID or user ID and password
  3. Select the blue plus button in the top center of the page
  4. Next, select the blue plus button to create a page
  5. Select a Theme
  6. Begin creating your story...
Step 4 | Enhancing Your Page

Populating the story...

Adobe Spark page provides 6 different elements that can be used to develop, design, and enhance your digital story. By combining these items you can create a dynamic visually pleasing digital story. Those elements include:

The main content menu


To add a single photo or an image to your page, you will need to select the photo option you desire to use to import the image.

Importing Images

Images can be imported are various locations. Those location include:

  • Uploaded photo
  • Free stock photos
  • Adobe Stock
  • Creative Cloud
  • Lightroom
  • Dropbox
  • Google Photos
  • Google Drive

Photo Placement

Photos can be place in various ways to add interest to the layout of the page. Those placements include:

  • Inline
  • Fill screen
  • Window
  • Full width

Photo Grids

If you desire to add more then one image, Adobe Spark Page allows you to create an image gallery by using the Photo grid option.

Glide Show

If you would like add text on top of an image, a great method is the last element, the Glide-show. The glide show allows you to add the other elements on top of a photo background.


To add text you will be able to type your text and format as you desire, using the text editing menu. The formating option avaible include:

Text formatting menu
  • Header 1
  • Header 2
  • Quite
  • Bullet list
  • Number list
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Link
  • Left aligned
  • Center aligned
  • Right aligned


Adding a button can help create interactivity, as well as links to external information. Button can be used to link to another Spark or external webpage. It is also a great way to link to printable downloads.


You are also able to embed videos to your page. To embed a video is by using these links, however, in the future, there may be more options to upload a video or use an embed code.

Split Layout

The split layout offers a variety in the flow of the page. Breaking up the vertical liner flow with a split horizontal flow. This layout is great for grouping like ideas, or material into one section. It also is great for breaking up the content.

The Creativity is Up to You!

Now that we’ve explored the elements you can use to enhance your page, take some time to build your digital story. Remember to click the white plus button to add elements. Also remember that you can change the theme, photo type and placement, and elements at any time. Note you may also preview your story at any time by clicking the preview button at the top of the page.

Previewing the project...

Remember at any moment, you can preview your project, to ensure that it is what you envisioned. And if there are any elements you would like to add, replace, are removed, you may do so at any time.

Project settings
Step 5 | Sharing Your Project

The Finishing Touches

Once you have completed your story, it is no time to share it! To share your story you will click share at the top of the page. To share your page you will need to Publish and Share your project.

Screens for sharing project
Happy Creating!
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LaDale Whaley


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