Making a Statement 2020 fashion is Taking inspiration from the past

Suits and Blazers

While they were originally men’s Sunday best or work attire, suits and blazers have integrated themselves into the feminist movement. Power suits have seemingly become important to women by making their way to Congress meetings and important corporate events. Teenage girls can look up to these women as strong and empowering role models.

Blazers can be worn in a business setting as well as with a casual outfit. Suits, while more formal, come in almost every shape, color and cut so there are many options to explore

Return of the Flapper

Many people rang in the New Year with large Gatsby-esk parties but that is not where the 1920s trends stop. Indie stores like Altar’d State and Free People are celebrating the iconic decade with long statement necklaces and flashy cocktail dresses. Art deco designs and sequins bring these pieces together. These bold outfits are more likely to be seen at a party than at a pep rally.

Casual Classics

Stores like Hollister and Aeropostale rarely stray far from what they know best: jeans, sweaters and plaid skirts. They still seem to be appealing to their teen audience, who doesn't want to stand out too much. Their sweaters have low and wide necklines in generally neutral colors that can be easily paired with a variety of different skirts or jeans. Recently, open back sweaters have made an appearance, being a bolder choice than classic sweaters. Jeans are one of the most complex pieces of clothing out there with high, medium and low rises and differing cuff lengths and amount of tears.

These timeless and simple outfits feed into the trend of sustainable fashion, which results in longer-lasting wardrobes.

Oversized isn’t over

In 2019, more teenage girls started wearing baggy t-shirts and sweatshirts. This can be traced back to the VSCO trends and alternative pop singer Billie Eilish’s rise in popularity. While the items were previously bought large, they are now being advertised as and styled in an oversized manner purposefully, as shown by H&M.

Baggy has proven to not be the only oversized option. Some stores are selling altered men’s dress shirts as dresses or similarly styled outfits for a classy statement reflecting that of the power suit.

Color of the Year

Classic Blue is Pantone Color Institute’s color of the year. Nearly any product can be found in this color in most stores The color is known for being calming and causing its wearers to appear more confident.

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