AMETHYST Metal music for the senses

The band begun in 2015 and was founded by Geo Leiton and Elias Vega. Lead singer Fabi Salas joined in 2016 giving the band its very own sound. That same year, Kendal Rodriguez accepted to join the band too and gave his work with stunning arrangements on every song.

The band recorded a few songs with several drummers, including Daniel Carrion, JC Soto, who recorded most of the songs and Daniel Salgado After that, esperienced drummer David Roda came to the band refreshing and giving a turn in sound and heaviness.

The band’s name reflects the music they create. The amethyst stone is a precious gem and one of the most appreciated varieties of quartz, and one of the hardest minerals ever. It has been used in jewelry since ancient times by Egyptian royalties, in magic rites from the middle ages and in modern times as a healing stone. Therefore, Amethyst’s music reflects these characteristics in every song, mysticism and beauty, combined with a hard and heavy musical art.

The band had performed internationally in Colombia at Metal Injection Fest 2019 and Nicaragua at Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío begining in 2020. In Costa Rica the band played opening for swiss folk metal band Cellar Darling at The Grinch and at COSVIC in 2019.


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Geo Leitón

Elías Vega

Kendal Rodríguez

Fabi Salas



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