Art By lina waary

I really enjoyed this assignment due to the fact I found the coloring process to be truly enjoyable and calming. I would say this piece took the most time to work on compared to everything else. It was all about details, zooming in and out, and truly focusing on the task on hand to ensure it doesn't mess up, overlap incorrectly, or have colors mismatch.
Creating paintings with photography
This piece is one of my favorites, solely for the fact it includes my wonderful model and kitten Angel. To create this piece, I used photoshop. I chose certain brush strokes to create this look. Although seemingly simple, this piece was time consuming due to the fact I had to use a small brushstroke and take my time to paint every corner. Ultimately, I loved it due to the fact it includes my cat.
Surrealism meets reality
A surrealism piece I had created with photoshop earlier in the year, and although created with mostly cropping and pasting, it is a piece that I am truly proud of. I had always found the darkness and supernatural alluring, and I was able to encompass these aspects in my piece. Posing as the center piece of the photo, it represents how unnatural things occur everywhere and people are just unaware of these instances. One needs to open their "third eye" and their mind to truly understand the unexplainable phenomenas in the world.
Personal Photography
I've never considered myself a photographer, nor have I wanted to pursue a career in the arts. Yet, there are times when I would see something, so beautiful or unique, I wouldn't want to forget it. I think that is the beauty of photography, it immortalizes something that isn't tangible. For instance, the mural shown really stopped in my tracks (quite literally since I was at the train station), and caused me to stare at it for a few minutes. It was a rainy day, the sun had finally started to shine through the clouds, and in the moment I was in awe.

I had also felt this way when photographing the tunnel of graffiti, it was just unbelievable. This corner my friends and I sometimes found ourselves at, was not exclusive to only us. Hundreds of teenagers had found themselves in the same corner, tagged their area, and continued on with their day. Such a meaningless action, yet for teenagers it means everything. It represented friendship, unity, and a place to be when you don't want to be home. It was symbolic more than anything. (Please excuse quality my icloud is acting up).

To quote an infamous and rather worn out statement, someone once said, "There is no earth without art". As an art lover and occasional artist (when in need really), I am able to see how art shapes the world and allows us to think beyond the box and beyond reality. Art is so much more than just lines on a canvas or a camera pointing at a sunset. Art is art, and that is the purest thing in the world.


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