Upperwood Academy Newsletter 2

Covid Catch Up Tutors

We appointed four Catch Up tutors to support our learners in school. They will support our children in afternoon sessions so that all children in school access daily literacy and numeracy lessons in a morning with their class teacher. Each catch up tutor will only work with one bubble of children.

If we identify areas in school in which your child might benefit from additional catch up support, initially this will be focused upon Mathematics, we will contact you to make you aware of our intention to provide additional tutoring within the school afternoon. These sessions will be short, pacey and hopefully something your child enjoys. This additional tutoring may last a couple of weeks or may be longer term, depending upon your child’s needs. Not all children in school will require additional tutoring.


A warm welcome to our new IT Apprentice Federico Murgia, he is going to be working in school alongside our IT Technician. Also a huge welcome to our new Apprentice Teaching Assistants Rebecca Allsopp and Tasmin Cutting.

School Dinners

We return to school on Tuesday, 5th January, school meals will remain the same for the first week. Tuesday - fish finger sandwich etc. We will inform you if there are any changes.

School Times

Start times and end of the day times will remain the same for your child/ren after the Christmas Holidays until further notice.

Isolation Period

The number of days of isolation is to change from 14 to 10. Please click on the link below for more information.


Class topics for next half term

Every KS1 and KS2 class will have a geography focus. We are excited to improve our geographical knowledge and learn more about the world:

Class 1 - On the farm

Class 2 - Animals and pets and the 4 countries and capitals of the UK

Class 3 - Animals and pets and the 4 countries and capitals of the UK

Class 4 - World wildlife including the 7 continents and world oceans

Class 5 - Wild Africa, and learning about the 7 continents and world oceans

Class 6 - The Mediterranean

Class 7 - The Water Cycle

Class 8 - Natural Disasters

Class 9 - Natural Disasters

Class 10 and 11 - The Rainforest and other Biomes of the world

Virtual Elf Visit

We had a virtual elf visit this year! Thank you to F.O.C.U.S for funding this - each child received a book. There was also a special announcement!

Term Dates

Please find below this years term dates.

Please note that Monday, 4th January is an INSET Day - we return to school on Tuesday, 5th January.


Merry Christmas from us all at Upperwood Academy! It has been a very different term to what we are used to - thank you to you all for helping us to all keep safe. We hope you have the best Christmas that is possible and that you all keep safe over the holidays! Let's hope that 2021 is a brighter year!


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