Trait Traits are a characteristic pattern of behavior or disposition to feel and act. The idea was created by allport Who thought description was more important than explAnation

The MBTI test is a personality test inspired by Isabel Briggs Myers and Kathleen Briggs. What they designed is a 4 letter system that generally describes your personality. It was used for counseling, leadership training and team development. When I took my MBTI test, I got the result ESFP, which means I am an entertainer, and I like to be around people and don't mind being the center of attention. I also find it easy to engage in social interaction
The Big Five is a personality test that consists of 5 traits that psychologists describe as universal and can be applied to everybody. When I took the test, my openness what somewhat conventional, meaning I'm more down to earth. My conscientiousness was I sometimes do things haphazardly. For extraversion, I was social and i enjoy the company of others. With agreeableness, I was neither extremely forgiving nor irritable. And lastly, for neuroticism, I remain calm, even in tense situations

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