Why Are Women In India Treated So Poorly? Nikki pavletich

In many places such as India women are mistreated, and don't have as many rights and as much control as men do. But what is the real reason for this? In many religions there are things to follow that might give women an image that they need to be controlled by a man. Such as women having to wear Hijabs or Burkinis meanwhile the men's guideline to what they have to wear is a lot more flexible. And there is this thing called triple talaq which is where a man is allowed to divorce a women without the women having any say. Luckily the Prime minister is going against the triple talaq simply because it is wrong.


It is important that we are educucated about what happens to young women in places like India. There is loads of trafficking regarding young women being sold and bought to do sexual and non sexual chores for men. And in extreme cases some of these teenage girls end up in brothels. The reason it is important to educate women and men about this is because we need to teach women not to tolerate being beat and being mistreated and we need to teach men that it's wrong. It is very common in India that women get beat by their husbands, and threatened by other males and women shouldn't have to stand for this anymore. There was this one young woman 17 years old named Sunita Pal, who luckily escaped the men she was abused by. But she ended up in the hospital after she escaped and in the hospital as she was wrapped up in bandages to the point where you could only see her eyes and mouth she said "I worked from 6am until midnight. I had to cook, clean, take care of the children and massage the legs of my employers, In exchange, I got only two meals and wasn’t even paid for the six months I worked at the house. When I expressed a desire to leave, I was beaten up.” And this woman is just one of the many who has experienced this, and in many cases the women don't make it out of these awful situations.


Researching this topic got me thinking what really started this string inequality between men and women, and why is it still going on in places like India?

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