Streetsboro Elementary Mrs. Collier - Grade 1 Kent State AT&T Classroom Highlights - March 2, 2017

This past week the Streetsboro first graders have continued their work on writing using Buncee EDU, Doodle Buddy, and Google Slides and were also introduced to two new tools for supporting literacy and project work.

ChatterPix is a free iOS app that can be used to animate an object within a photo so that it can “talk”. Students are able to draw a mouth on an object in a photo and then record themselves talking. The object’s mouth animates and moves with the voice recording. The first graders had been working on a writing project about their school day, focusing on building their story with the essential elements of a topic sentence, what happens first, second, and last. Once they had finished writing a draft of their story, the first graders used ChatterPix to create an animated character who “told the story” of their written narrative. To create their animations, the first graders used the Safari search engine app on their iPads to select a photo of a favorite animal to act as the narrator of their story. Next, the students pulled their photo into the ChatterPix app and used the app’s tool to draw a mouth for their animal. The app also offers stickers and graphics students can add to their photo for customization. Students then used the app’s microphone feature to record themselves reading the written draft of their story.

Later in the week the first graders used ChatterPix again to animate a nonfiction piece they previously wrote back in their classroom on a US President. Students conducted an image search using the Safari app on their iPads to select a photo of a specific US President and then used the ChatterPix app to make their President “come alive” and share important facts about themselves and their presidency.

This past week the first graders have also been using Educreations, a multi-platform tool that allows the computer or tablet to function as a digital dry erase board. The tool’s features allow the device to record the student’s voice and his/her writing and drawing which can be saved for playback. Once a student finishes their assignment or project in Educreations, they can save their work and then the student or teacher can access it from any device with a web browser. The Streetsboro first graders have used Educreations as a design/drawing tool and as a literacy tool. During science, the first graders have used Educreations to demonstrate what they have learned about landforms by using the drawing tools within Educreations to illustrate and label a specific landform. They have also used Educreations to draw maps that include different types of landforms.

During their literacy block, the first graders are using Educreations as a tool for reading fluency practice. The students use the camera feature within the app to take a photo of a passage from their book then use the app’s microphone to record themselves reading the passage aloud. The app allows the students and teacher to be able to play back & listen to the passage to assess reading fluency.

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