Aberham Lincoln By Brandon Doster

Section 1

Aberham Lincoln was born on February 12,1809. He died in April 15,1865. He was 56 when he died. When Abe was 7 his family moved to Indiana. He was too busy to go to school. He was an abolitionist.

Section 2

He read and worked at the same time. He moved a lot when he was young. He loved school. He wanted to go to a college. He moved to Illinois when he was 21 years old.

Section 3

Lincoln was a co-owned general. He fought in the black hawk war. He stopped his men from killing a Native American spy. They almost fired but they didn't. He said to but they stood down.

Section 4

He synergized with the men in war. He did this because the men wouldn't know how to fight in war. He also thought win-win. He did this by being smart in battle. He put first things first.

Section 5

Abe made the Gettysburg address. Abe was assassanated by john Wilkes booth. He survived but not for long. He was killed at a theatre. He issued the emancipation proclamation on January 1 1863.

Section 6

He was famous for his second inogurational speech. He was also known for the Gettysburg address. He did more than just manage the civil war. He let new states pick if they want slaves or no slaves. He freed all slaves after the civil war.

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