Collection Development Monthly Vol 4 | Issue 7 | August 2020

In This Issue...

  • Unit News Budget Development, Cancellation Decisions, and Annual Dean's Letter
  • UCLP Updates Report Templates & Selector Resource
  • E-Resources August License Agreements, New Procedures, and Virtual Display
  • Collection Management Collection and Plan Review

Collection Development in August

The fiscal year 2020-2021 Monographs Budget is currently under development! This year's Selectors can expect a very modest book budget to start the year, under the funding circumstances. Laurie has taken over management of our GOBI Fund Codes and is in the process of updating the codes in preparation for the new academic year. Notifications of budget allocations should be going out by the end of August or early September.

Jackie and Ana are reviewing last year's librarian feedback in order to make some database and journal cancellation decisions. Thank you to everyone who participated! Your comments and suggestions play an important role in this process. In an effort to improve communications between the Collection Development Unit and the Library System, we're also working on a new advanced notification procedure to inform our colleagues when decisions have been made. Future cancellation decisions will also be archived in the CDU SharePoint site for easy access to this information.

The annual Dean's Letter announcing the beginning of the academic year's Undergraduate Collegiate Liaison Program has been updated by Shannon and submitted to Library Administration for approval. Once the Dean signs off on the letter, Kathy will be distributing them to the various College Deans.


Undergraduate Faculty Liaison Program

Li and Ying created several collection usage report templates for the selectors. Be on the lookout for information from Shannon to show you how to access the templates and explain the reports. It could be very helpful in selecting future purchases and promoting underutilized resources.

If you are on libfac, you know Sam recently sent a link to ILL reports you could not open! Our greatest apologies for the error in keeping with the 2020 theme of delayed gratification. You may now (really) open the ILL reports by visiting the our Collection Development homepage and clicking "Selector Resources Page" on the left sidebar, or visit this link: Selector Resources Page

Shannon & Sam

E-Resources News

We've submitted our first four license agreements of the new fiscal year and they are in the middle of being reviewed by KSU's Contracts Compliance Office and the Division of Legal Affairs. KSU's Procurement Office has a new procedure to streamline the review and payment process, and our Technical Services Acquisitions team and Jackie are excited to see how this improves our internal procedures.

We've also developed a procedure to review the cost per use of individual titles in journal packages using the wizardry of Microsoft Access! This is incredibly helpful since we're now able to retrieve a small list of titles from a usage report of several thousand titles.

Don't forget to check out our virtual display for the month of August!

Jackie & Elizabeth

Collection Management

We are in the process of evaluating the Reference collection.

Ana and I are working on revising the Collection Management Project Five-Year Plan and the Collection Management Project Annual Plan for 2021. We will keep everyone updated.


Celebrate 100 years of women's suffrage by visiting this virtual exhibit from the Library of Congress! See you in September.

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