Universal Soldier 1960's protest music

The Vietnam war was taking place when this song was created to stress on the fact of war being a negative

This song was sung by a 23 year old native Canadian woman named Buffy Sainte-Marie.

The Name of my song is Universal Soldier there was other artists that did covers to this song such as music artist Donovan.

This Song was recorded and released to the public in 1964.

Other famous songs that were sung by this artist are songs such as Soldier Blue, Up where we belong and Mister Cant you see.

When Mrs. Sainte-Marie sings in her song "he is fighting for the Russians and fighting for Japan, fighting for France and for the USA". I believe that the lyrics of this song are trying to say that the real starter of conflict is everybody fighting and not

She reflects the time period by saying that war is not the way to win which was what a lot of people were saying at this time in the 1960's.

And he's fighting for Canada, He's fighting for France, He's fighting for the USA, And he's fighting for the Russians, And he's fighting for Japan, And he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

This was the most famous line for this song because of what it is trying to say which is the fact that when one country fights it gets all the other countries involved and does not solve any problems but just creates more and in saying this I feel this relates greatly to the era of the 1960's mainly because of all of the anti-war protests that were taking place. In a way I feel that this song too was an anti-war protest. Which means that she was also against the war (A Dove).

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