Poetry How to write a cinquain poem

CCSS.ELA-LITERACRY.W.3. Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convery ideas and information clearly.
By following these directions we will be learning how to write a cinquain poem.
Line 1: one word (noun) a title or subject.
Line 2: two words (adjectives) describing the title.
Line 3: three words (verbs) describing an action relating to the title
Line 4: four word phrase relating to the title
Line 5: one word (noun) synonym to the title
Example: -------------------------------------Spring ----------------------------------------Green, Bright ----------------------------Budding, Rising, Growing ------------Shaking off winters chill -----------------Bloom----------------------------------------
1 : attempted the poem but did not complete it. 2: Understood the concept and got a few lines finished but not the entire piece. 3: Completed the poem but did not follow all of the instructions given. 4: Completed the poem and made less than 2 mistakes. 5: Completed the poem with 1 or less mistakes.

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