iPads Using the Biomed iPads

The best technology in the building is in B310

Be sure to adhere to the following guidelines. This will make sure the iPads continue to be the steadfast devices that allow our program to flourish.


The aides and teachers have spent a ton of time organizing the apps into the perfect position inside of each folder. Instructions shared in class are based on the organization of these apps. Please do not move apps in anyway.

If you struggle finding an app make sure to use the search function. If you still can't find an app then let your teacher know.


Charging the iPads happens at the end of every other day. Don't worry about putting iPads back into the cart or plugging them in. Just place the iPad on top of the cart.

When getting a freshly charged iPad out of the cart please unplug them first before moving the iPad at all.

Respect the title of the folder:


This includes Settings. Do not edit, adjust, or otherwise change settings on the iPads in anyway.

Shutting Down

When you are done using the iPad for the day, be sure to sign out of all of the different apps, websites, and services that you signed into for the period. In particular, many people forget to sign out of their Gmail accounts.

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