Artemis Goddess of Childbirth, female maturation, wild animals, and Hunting


Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and Leto. Apollo was her twin brother. Artemis was born on the island Ortygla after her mother was chased down by Zeus' Lawful wife Hera

Similar gods/goddesses

Artemis was sometimes identified with Selene, the moon goddess. the Roman goddess of fertility, Diana resembled her.

As the goddess of childbirth and female nurturation

Young girls about to be married prayed to her and sometimes dedicated their dolls or a lock of hair to her. Artemis could also be cruel and destructive. Artemis and her twin, Apollo killed the children of Niobe, The queen of Thebes after she bragged about having more children than Leto, who was the mother of the twins.

As the Goddess of wild animals and hunting

Artists depicted Artemis as a beautiful huntress carrying a bow and a sac arrows. She was also shown with a deer at her side.

Other Facts

Artemis was a virgin goddess who demanded that her followers dedicate themselves to lives of purity. One myth states she shot one of her followers, Callisto, after she became pregnant with Zeus. Others say that Artemis turned Callisto into a bear.

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Created with images by A.M. Kuchling - "Hunting Artemis" • rob stoeltje - "Artemis" • Mark B. Schlemmer - "From last Friday night's visit to @metmuseum: Bronze Statue of Artemis and a Deer, Greek, ~1st C BC - 1st C AD. This used to be in the Albright-Knox collection until it was deaccessioned in the late 2000s."

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