Welcome to Beauty Book!

Beauty Book is a beauty connection and booking application designed for women who would like to seek the perfect professionals to help them with their beauty needs.

The problem.

Have you ever gone to a salon or make up artist hoping for that perfect look, but leaving with a botched hair color and empty pockets? I know I have, and apparently, so have a lot of women!

The Solution.

We surveyed over 120 women to see their reaction to this problem and how they would want it to be solved.

our goal.

Say goodbye to money wasted on bad beauty services! We strive to help women be able to find the perfect technicians that meet their needs in the easiest and fastest way possible. Our goal is to make YOU feel beautiful without stress and frustration.

discover services.

Using your location, you can choose through different services that lead you to the profile's of professionals who offer them.

follow technicians.

Follow beauty technicians to keep up with their work and support their pages.

When viewing a technician’s profile, multiple photos of their previous work are displayed for potential clients to see if they would be the perfect person to book!


Leave reviews and message professionals to further connect with the beauty industry!

easy booking.

Booking appointments straight through the app keeps the convenience of doing the searching and the booking all in one place, making it quick and easy for the user to get one step closer to their appointment!

Try it out for yourself!

color scheme.

The colors that were chosen to represent this company are light, clean, and refreshing. Almost like how you feel when you finally take all your makeup off after a long day! We wanted to mimic that clean feeling in our brand with shades of blue.

App Icons.

The icon design for our mobile app includes either the brand’s logo mark of the eye, or just the logo type. The icons are simple, and because it is only either the logo mark or logotype, the icon can be larger and easier for users to see. It also provides a nice clean aesthetic for the home screen and users will be able to recognize our brand and the app faster this way.

Created By
Ariel Steinberg