Virginia's Economy By aurora burner


This is my website on Virginia's Economy and I'm going to be telling you about four different things.


Taking a picture

The first thing I'm going to be telling you about is called "Tourism". Tourism is when people go around the world to see different attractions.For example some people come to Virginia for a park called Shenandoah national park. Some other examples of tourism are restaurants, campgrounds,and trails.



The second thing I am going to tell you about is called "Communication technology". Communication technology is what people use to communicate with. Communication technology has changed a lot over time. Some examples of communication technology are phones,computers,and even social media.



Next I'm going to be telling you about a thing called "Transportation". Transportation is when people or objects are getting moved. Some examples of transportation are planes, cars,and trucks. Transportation has evolved a lot over time.


White House

Last I'm going to be telling you about is called "Federal Government". Federal government is the jobs the government gives you. Some can be working in the White House or in any public place. Almost every single Virginian has one.


This is my website! By Aurora Burner hope you liked it!


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