Another Learning Journey Joann L. Novak

Digital Me: Lesson 1 Learning Journal

There are two things that are making me a bit anxious about this particular learning journey:

1. This is a new software platform and not just any platform it is a creative, visual, platform that requires more than simply knowing which button to push or tab to click. I am a data person, I like my Microsoft environment where I have been provided with a set of rules about how I should format a letter, what formula to use, or what query will give me an answer. The idea of using a set of tools that basically toss out convention and allow, even encourages, creating your own rules is truly an uncomfortable place for me.

2. The second item that is making me anxious is that within the first class session I have already been asked to not only upload a photo of myself, but also to create a recording of myself. All of my social media feeds are based on two subjects: my students and my cats. I don't take selfies, I leave the room when someone starts recording a video, and the idea of actually talking and recording myself is really asking a great deal.


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