Journey Log 10 TIerre gibbs

Last week I spent a lot of time on Minecraft. It is getting a lot easier and honestly I rather do things in Minecraft than write papers. I am starting to get the hang of Minecraft. I still feel that it is time consuming but it beats writing papers. I got my grades back for my paper. I was sad when I saw my grade in the class but I was not too surprised. I have a hard time writing. Even when I am just writing down my thoughts it takes a lot of effort to meet the word requirements. I went into this semester with so much hope about me doing well in this class. I tried to be open minded about all of the different ways to right and how there are less restrictions as far as my writing but I still struggle. I do not like writing. I still dislike writing. I especially hate english class writing because it requires a special way of thinking and writing. I like writing for my science classes better because its more factual and straightforward. I also can meet the word requirement a lot faster than english class writing.

I have been working a lot more in Minecraft these past few weeks. It is slowly getting easier to do things in Minecraft but it is still so time consuming. I get my roommate to help me sometimes, which is mostly telling me ways to make my process go faster. I have realized that I rather do things in Minecraft than write papers. I know I still have more writing to do but I rather build a time consuming building than try to find more words to put in my essay to meet the word requirements. Through all of this writing I have learned to enjoy the Minecraft assignments. The skills needed to work Minecraft are a little more my style. I rather do anything than write if I must say.

Throughout this course I have realized that there is a difference when writing for different classes. For me, writing scientific papers, mostly lab reports, tend to be easier for me to write. I don't stress as much about scientific papers as I do about papers for this class. Usually I can start lab reports the day before its due and get at least a B on it. For this class however, I knew I would not be able to do that. Even when I started five days early I still had a lot of work to do the night before. I really believe that my brain is not able to function well enough to be able to do well with English related things.


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