SunTrust Park Nearing Completion March 3, 2017

Many people living inside the perimeter in Atlanta, Georgia are still upset about the Braves move outside the perimeter into Cobb County. Sure, Turner Field was great and so many people made memories there that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. You can include me in that group of people. Who's not going to miss the city vibe and atmosphere, the Blue Lot and pregame tailgating under that hot Atlanta sun and the walk to the stadium tomahawk chopping at other Braves fans?

There was a lot to be excited about when spending a day at The Ted, but as I walked around SunTrust Park I became even more excited for Opening Day than I already was. SunTrust Park is going to offer everything Turner Field offered, and more. Although there is no "Bullpen Rib House" across the street anymore, SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta will be home to some other great restaurants for fans to enjoy. Along with the various dining options, fans will be able to shop at some of the small stores in The Battery, and some will even be lucky enough to live in one of the three apartment complexes built adjacent to the field.

Traffic and congestion is one of the main concerns that Braves fans have about the new stadium as it was built in of the busiest areas in Cobb County on Cobb Parkway and Windy Hill Road. However, no matter how difficult or easy it is to get to the stadium, it will be well worth your while. Fans may very well stay around the stadium after the game and hang out in The Battery Atlanta, allowing some other fans to filter out to cut down on the traffic.

Stadium Walk is a new state of the art apartment complex development conveniently located on Circle 75 Parkway just down the street of SunTrust Park. Although they won't have it quite as easy as the people living in one of three apartment complexes in The Battery, residents living here will have no trouble getting to the games.
Residents of Stadium Walk will see this pedestrian bridge crossing over Circle 75 Parkway on their way to see the Braves play.
These pedestrian bridges will assist fans parking in the lots across the street get to the game, while disrupting no traffic.
Fans will see this familiar baseball with the "Atlanta Braves" logo on top of it upon entrance to SunTrust Park.
"What about the Chop House?" some disappointed fans may say. Don't fret! The Braves made sure to include a new and improved double-decker Chop House. Although, it's now the Coors Light Chop House rather than the Budweiser Chop House.
The lucky new tenants of Parkside (left), The Residences and The Flats (right) will enjoy watching their favorite team play whenever they please. Pictured in the background is the new Comcast office building which fans will see towering over right field.
Open to members of Delta SKY360° Executive, Infiniti Club and Infiniti Club Suites, the Delta parking deck will be accessible two hours before first pitch.
This residents only parking deck is adjacent to the apartment complexes and near the right field entrance to SunTrust Park.
Maintaining their longtime partnership with The Home Depot, the Braves and SunTrust Park will feature a "Home Depot Clubhouse" in left-center field which will hold up to 40 guests. Interested groups will be able to purchase the suite on a game-by-game basis, and will also be able to place Ks on the clubhouse's façade to track every Braves strikeout.
The SunTrust Park construction crew is kicking it into high gear to get the stadium ready for the Braves' exhibition matchup against the New York Yankees on March 30, 2017.
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