Extreme weather in the UK since 2000

In 2003 the UK recorded its highest ever temperature in decades of 38.5 degrees Celsius in Kent and thusly over 2000 people died nationwide railway tracks buckled and certain areas of the road melted

Unexpectant people chilling on Brighton Beach
Purported heat wave temperatures in London
Tourists and locals relaxing on a beach abroad

And moving on to the floods in 2007 where several people died many left homeless affecting these areas the most E.G. Gloucestershire

Aerial image of a town called 'Tewkesbury'
A football pitch or cricket pitch or equestrian race course on the banks of the River Severn
An well-guarded office or works factory in the contryside
Areas most affected by the floods

Moving on again to the flooding in 2008 where there wasn't casualties as such but there was severe flooding in south-west and north-east England heavily hitting areas like Northumberland

A look down Bridge Street in Morpeth on the 6th of September 2008

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